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  1. I don't think anyone really knows the answer. I've seen conductor classes with one internal student, and others have had 6. Regardless, everyone has to go though the same hiring process.
  2. 26:19 - Master streams into power lines!
  3. I never said it was a good answer and I never said I agree with it. Personally I think the practice is an accident and law suit waiting to happen. Furthermore, from the public's point of view, it makes a mockery of the fire service.
  4. Some people do the craziest thing on these trains. I've seen people jump from the platform between cars to get on the train and I was working a train where someone had jumped from the parking lot onto the side of a train hanging on for a ride.
  5. They are not under the same rules as T&E. They can't work more than 9 hours where T&E (under covered service) can't work more than 12 continuous hours or up to 16 with 4 hours interim release. T&E (under covered service) can work 14 consecutive days under type 1 rules but are then required to have 2 consecutive days rest. This wouldn't happen as the 2 rest days would put the individual off on his normal work days. Non covered service (conductor flags) are not bound by the type 1 or type 2 rules there fore are able to work months (if they wanted) with out a rest day. Being the contractors they are assigned to don't work on weekends, the conductors won't either. I'm told the dispatchers are able to work continuous days without rest, although I don't know first hand.
  6. While I'm sure the work their rest days, I doubt it is severe as reported. The dispatchers are governed by FRA regulations regarding rest requirements. Violation of those regulations carry heavy fines to both the carrier and the individual. Less than accurate information is the norm when you interview the head honcho that doesn't know the whole situation.
  7. Even if it was, there's constantly people getting transferred, promoted, retiring, etc.
  8. Next time anyone shops at Lowes, expecially the Highland store, think about this. It appears the writer of the following article was posting flyers up and down Rt 299 in Highland regarding K9 Officer Falcone. This is Lowes stance on the "solicitation". http://nylibertycoalition.com/2014/06/18/make-a-point-lose-a-customer/?blogsub=confirming#blog_subscription-2 Here's the flyer:
  9. They are not allowed on Metro North trains. More than once I've had to ask passengers to stop smoking them and more than once I've been challenging by the offending passenger telling me they are not "real cigarettes". Once i tell them the train will be stopped until the police come and be the deciding party, they comply.
  10. Consolidating maybe, but there seems to be something deeper going on. Per the article there are no plans to sell the property and they are going to store equipment there to be used "in an emergency". As of a few hours ago when I drove by there is still apparatus there. Then what ever members were still there to get completely locked out with out warning seems underhanded. Maybe if they are truly interested in consolidating, they should talk to a neighboring department that is closer to New Hamburg's station 1 than station 2 is and write up some sort of mutual aid agreement to share ladder trucks, boats and ATV's.
  11. I understand it's not a direct comparison. Just illustrating a worst cast senario. Or maybe I'm being brainwashed be my union with over 3 years of unproductive contract negotiations. I digress.
  12. While I'm not condeming what the retired police officers are doing and in fact applaud Mr. Pirro for taking this on Pro Bona, I think the situation in Detroit need to serve as a reminder what could ultimately happen. For those that don't know, the City of Detroit pension recipients are due to get pennies on the dollar as a result of the bankruptcy. While they thought they were protected under state law, it is determined that bankruptcy law superceeds state law.
  13. E186 and E188 were both tandem axle engine with 2000 gallon booster and E188 did have a rear, manually operated dump valve retro'd after delivery. However, Tanker 16 did not replace E186 as a one for one replacement. Engine 186 served multiple purposes but was a first due engine from Granite Springs Fire House. Amongst other things, it had a full compliment of engine company equiptment. It was no different than the other Oren's purchased in the same era (E180, E185) other than the fact it had a 2000 gal booster tank. Tanker 16 was purchased to serve as a tanker to compliment the existing fleet. If memory serves me correctly it has a 3000 gallon tank, three dump valves capable of being operated from the cab and a 1500 gallon GPM pump. The higher capacity pump was installed so it could take the place of a pumper if needed. Other equiptment it was fitted when put in service was 2 SCBA's, indian tanks, portable pond and possiblly a portable pump. When put in service it was stationed at Lincolndale Fire House. At the time the tanker delivered the intention was to (in time) put engines with 1000 gallon booster tanks in Granite Springs and Amawalk. About the same time E186 was remove from front line serve and E185 (with the smaller 1000 gallon booster tank) was put in Granite Springs. The reason for this was 1) the tanker as an additionally water source and 2) not long before there was a large water main installed, adding an addtional and reliable water source to the Granite Springs area.
  14. Excellent question. While I don't know the solid answer I would think it would be provisions made similar to anyone else that can't participate in phys ed due to the same.