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  1. Yes Hawthorne does have 2 paid EMT's from Empress EMS staffing the ambulance 24/7. Yes the paid staff does respond mutual aid so yes they do respond into Pleasantville. And despite what others posted in here Hawthorne FD has recruited members for EMS over the years. The new recruits join and feel that unless they are sitting at the station 24/7 it is hard for them to respond to calls and get any real time and on the job training because they can never make it down to the firehouse before the ambulance gets out the door. Those members resign fairly quickly and have been told to try other VAC's for example PVAC. Having paid staffing in our EMS system to me is a double edge sword on one hand the ambulance is getting on scene in a timely fashion to provide quality pt care but on the other hand it deters a lot of new recruits away. I've been saying this for years that its time for a Mt. Pleasant EMS system to take place.... PVAC is the last VAC in Mt.Pleasant to run a strictly volunteer ems system they see the issues they are having and are working towards a solution. Maybe its time for everyone to look at the bigger picture here and combine EMS services in the Mt.Pleasant area. Maybe we can stick to the topic at hand now about EMS service in the Mt. Pleasant area. If someone would like to talk about Thornwood FD and Hawthorne FD's dual response they had set up for 1 year we can start a separate topic. Joe Carpentieri
  2. Mt. Pleasant Police has a dive team as well.
  3. There is a department in upstate NY who made an offer they are in the process of getting the paperwork drawn up.
  4. Yes you are right sorry I had a brain fart
  5. No Hawthorne still has L56 a 2007 ALF. 75ft straight stick.
  6. This will be first due to MVAs, car fires, brush fires, CO calls, wires and gas calls etc. Yes it will replace TL 12 in the bay.
  7. Considering Thornwood, Valhalla, Pleasantville and Elmsford all have Tower Ladders we have no need to replace it with another Tower Ladder. Spin the wheel pretty much nailed it.
  8. The tower is being replaced with a Sutphen engine. There are no plans to replace the 75ft stick.
  9. Does this mean that all departments dispatched on 46.26 will no longer be able to with the minitor 6?
  10. Hawthorne TL-12 1983 Pierce (being replaced with a Sutphen Rescue Pumper) E-155 1997 Pierce
  11. Date: 11/7/13 Time: 0530 (approx) Incident Type: Structure Fire Location: 55 Nepperhan Ave District: Elmsford Units: Elmsford : 2111 (IC), 2112, 2113 E137, E237, TL21, L55, U86 and 58B1 Fairview: E175 Irvington: 2201, 2202 L36 Valhalla: 2481, R9 (Fast) Hawthorne FD: 2192, 2193 E155 Hawthorne EMS: 63-B2 Elmsford PD, Greenburgh PD Hartsdale: E170 (Orignially To relocate to Elmsford HQ and than re directed to the scene) Ardsley: L50 (Relocated to Elmsford HQ) Tarrytown: E80 (Relocated to Elmsford HQ) Thornwood: 2472, R75 (2nd Fast) WCDES: Batt. 11 and C&O Zone 3 Description: Working structure fire in a commerical building. Heavy Fire upon arrival all units removed from the building due to structural damage. Valhalla Fast put to work requesting 2nd Fast. All M/A units released at approx 0930.
  12. Yes to sutphen
  13. I was not the IC but the first two FASteams were put to work. Bedford Hills was requested for a cascade ( not a FASTeam)because Briarcliffs needed to refill during the incident and the county's filling system was O.O.S
  14. Do you have the name of this software?
  15. We have an old out dated computer program that we print out accountability tags ourselves. On our card we print the members name, photo and department name on either a green card(interior) or a red card(exterior). I am looking for a new program to use because our printer is no longer working and has become obsolete. Does anyone have any suggestions or names of places they use?