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  • Name: JP Desilets
  • Location Punta Gorda, FL
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  • Agency Florida Forest Service
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  1. grants are available from your state Forestry agency for Wildland PPE, either to purchase or to acquire from Federal stocks,
  2. City of Punta Gorda has all of its patrol vehicles assigned to individual officers (County sherrif is to some extent) so hence their names on the units
  3. tongue firmly in cheek....
  4. maybe plated for delivery from the shop???
  5. why so small of a tank for an F550?, seems odd to see so many of these trucks carrying less than 350 gallons, even with the advantages of Class foam and or CAFS (not that I'm sold on cafs for wildland use). My station just put in service an F550 (standard cab) with a 375 gallon water tank (aluminum diamond plate) with flatbed, tool boxes and equipment, it scaled out at 13,750 lbs, well below vehicle gross
  6. as a career wildland firefighter, I can remember when I started for a small New England department, jeans, work boots and a long sleeve shirt was all we had for brush gear (and a damn sight better than bunker gear).. as FFBlaser said, check with your state Forestry Agency (DEP< DNR, etc) they have volunteer fire assistance grants where they will supply or assist your department with PPE, tools, pumps, hoses, booster tanks and often surplus government or military vehicles to be converted into firefighting vehicles, as well as training and Red Card certification, so you can safely and effectively fight wildland fires.. Be Safe
  7. Dodge does not make an extended cab chassis, so the crew cab gives extra room for the medics for gear, or room for a ride along, or possibly family members
  8. the former Soviet Union had come up with something similar for mass decontamination of tanks and military equipment that had been "slimed" in a chemical attack, using water and certain chemical detergents, forced through a jet turbine engine mounted on a truck
  9. the "trenches" that are cut by the Forest Service tractor plows are what stops a fire, water and/or foam will cool the fuels, take the heat away, protect structures, and stop a small slow moving fire, but bare dirt (mineral soil) is the only sure thing (unless you can safely counterfire in front of the wildfire)
  10. i do believe someone has the inappropriate PPE on for that situation
  11. One of the pink fire trucks visited Sarasota and Englewood, FL on Monday (9/27), some of the Photos are available on http://galleries.heraldtribune.com/?id=329323#http://spotted.heraldtribune.com/images/100047/photos/2010/09/27/zoom/2140663.jpg
  12. this happened yesterday (Memorial Day) on Cape Cod, thoughts and prayers to the 2 Brothers injured and their families http://www.firehouse.com/news/top-headlines/blast-throws-mass-firefighters-more-30-feet http://www.capecodonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100601/NEWS11/100609983 and see a series of pics here: http://capecodfd.com/
  13. Generally where I worked the tow companies worked on rotation for the police department, they had to meet certain standards (set forth by the Mass. Department of Utilities and Transportation) and it went on a weekly basis as to which company had it. generally unless directly requested (ordered) by an officer on scene (if passing by) we would steer clear if it was another company's rotation (jumping calls was frowned upon)
  14. not too terribly sure, but I think a "Brigade" would mean they are responsible for one area, be it a hospitl, industrial complex, sports complex, etc. with little or no outside response area
  15. from the Fire Orders (basic Tenets of Wildland Firefighting) Fight fire aggressively, having Provided for Safety First