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  1. Checking to see if any fire departments are getting rid of their older chiefs car? Up here in upstate NY our Department has no chiefs car and we are attempting to get one and start off getting a used one. Please let me know thank you
  2. The only response I can say to all of this is that it is not the first time that this issue has come up. As it was said that 6 tickets were issued by NYSP and the rest from the village of chester police.
  3. Uknown if this belongs here or not but when will Departmente stand by for "snow coverage". I know i hear it a lot and do people actually think this is a good idea or not?
  4. I always look forward to these storms but this time the upstate folks are getting none of this storm and all the downstate folks will be getting the storm. So all you downstate guys have fun with it and be careful
  5. Was wondering what everyone thinks of the different type of brush trucks that are out there. Was wondering if people like the super single tires that the Brat has to offer? Also if different depts. pefer the skid unit brush truck or an acutal brush truck like the brat? The reason for this is that my dept is looking at getting a new brush truck and we are trying to get different ideas for this truck.
  6. How many counties actually use this and do you like it? Here in Delaware county we use it and it works out pretty well as long as the call answers the questions right.
  7. Date:9/17/09 Time: 2337 Box: 2532hrs Area: Melrose Location: 371 East 166th St X Clay Ave Description Of Incident: Fire in a 1-story row of (3) taxpayers. Reporters: Truck4 Writer: afd65 2323hrs- 10-75 for heavy smoke from a row of taxpayers. E-92, 71, 60, 94; L-19, 44, 55FAST; R-3, Sq-41; B-17, 26 2325hrs- B-17 Using All-Hands On Arrival for fire in at least (1) store in a corner row, 1-story 150X50. Exposure #1: Street Exposure #2: 7-story brick O/M/D attached Exposure #3: 6-story brick O/M/D attached Exposure #4: Street 2329hrs- Div. 6 S/C Engine and Truck. S/C: E-42, L-27 2331hrs- Div. 6 transmitting 2nd Alarm. 2nd Alarm: E-82, 73, 83, 72/S-2; L-31; B-14 (Safety), 3 (RUL), Rescue B/C, Safety B/C, Field Com., TAC #1, CTU 2335hrs- Div. 6 rpts fire in (2) of (3) stores of a taxpayer. (2) L/S/O. 2344hrs- Div. 6 rpts heavy fire conditions, S/C extra Truck. S/C: L-42 2354hrs- Div. 6 transmitting 3rd Alarm. Staging area will be Webster X 166th 3rd Alarm: E-43, 84, 69, 59; L-48; B-19, 18 (Staging), 33 (Air Recon Chief); MSU 2355hrs- Div. 6 S/C Tower Ladder above the 3rd Alarm. S/C: L-17 0003hrs- Div. 6 rpts (3) L/S/O, (1) in original fire store, (1) in Exposure #2 and (1) into Exposure #4 store. Co's lining into Exposure #3, 6-story OMD. 0015hrs- Div. 6 rpts Primary (-). Still have pockets of fire in cockloft. D/W/H. 0033hrs- P/W/H.
  8. Are they looking at buying a new ladder or a used ladder or none?
  9. thanks for all the information this should help my department out greatly
  10. thanks for all the info so far i was wondering what companies some dept actually use to test there hose
  11. Hello all. trying to find out about some of the companies that do the hose testing in this area. And how some of the Departments do there own hose testing. For an example what do you use to test the hose as in your own engine and pressure pump? what do you use for documentaion on the hose. If anyone uses a company what do they think about that company and would you recommend them to other departments? thanks for any help on this matter
  12. How do you fill this tanker as in what size intakes are on it and does have any way of filling itself?
  13. they got a f-350 believed to be a 4-door red more details to come And will find out about the new tanker