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  1. STOP, time for a new topic.
  2. Not good at all, very poor example. However, good luck with the rig and stay safe.
  3. Good man, one of the best, worked together back in the day, thanks JO..
  4. Angelo, best wishes, we had some good times together. I will always remmeber the war years in Port Chester with you also, take care of yourself. Bill Flynn..
  5. What times we had, will never forget all those fires we had also, we got the job done. Hey Angelo and all others back then, thank you all... Bill Flynn
  6. Best Musical Band -- FDNY Emerald Society Pipes & Drums.
  7. That's you Spo, you look the same
  8. Hey PCFD ENG58 I keep getting taller every year.....
  9. Nice job guys..
  10. Looks like they still have cable, line into open second story window..
  11. So sad, R.I.P. Andy
  12. How many hours are needed for a recert class.