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  1. That is where our issue is. We didn't do enough testing prior to the purchase. We do use KEY hose but we bought the Eco-10 looking for a hose that was lightweight and folded well for attack line and supply line as well. We run 3 man engines and we were trying to keep the weight down. The hose has been great with the exception of the kinking issues.
  2. We did with our first one and had no issues with it. We changed to FireAde 2000 due to a vendor change and significant price increase. We have 5 Husky 3's, a 2013 and (4) 2016s. We also have a Husky 12 that is a 2009. The 12 had some issues over the years so we tried the 3. The only negative I have about the 3 is it won't flow a large gpm of foam product. We have busy interstates 95 & 16 and are just outside the port of Savannah so we have a tremendous amount of truck traffic. We flow "foam" on any fire, our engines have 50 gallon tanks. The FireAde has been great and does wonders with reducing the amount of overhaul required and assists with fire suppression. Our 2 crosslays are 200' of 1.75" that is really 2 1/16". We will be swapping to the true 1.75" hose. We run a 15/16" smoothbore and a low psi combination nozzle on them and we have issues with kinking.
  3. That Tiller from LaPlata has seen more work in its short time in Passaic than it did in its whole career! It seems like as soon as they got it, all h*ll broke loose!
  4. The biggest issue appears to be the amount of time it took to get any water on the fire. The videos is edited so we can't get an actual time line of what occurred.
  5. I have to say, they are some of the best taken care of apparatus I have ever seen, even their extremely busy companies take care of their trucks. It is impressive.
  6. I wouldn't say there are too few. The issue seems to be everyone trying to cut corners to make profit. It seems that the quality of materials is a huge issue. Whether it is overflow tanks on radiators, radiators not made completely of metal. wiring harnesses that have a lower gauge of wire, window regulators that are inferior and don't even start me with the Cummins motor issues. In a recent purchase lack of quality control and employees doing what they were supposed to do. The last purchase involved a multiple truck order and wiring runs were different, grommets not placed holes, some siliconed, some left open. It was a lot of little issues due to volume of trucks being produced and new employees not up to par. The manufacturers have let the older employees retire or leave and when business started to turn around they have been slow to bring on employees and their is no apprenticeship to teach the right way it should be done. ALL OF THE MANUFACTURERS have issues. We had more little issues on our pumpers than or aerial, the aerial guys have been there much longer and were a great group of guys, aerials are a promotion from the engine work it seems, they still have the right attitude and work ethic. Sorry, off my soapbox now.
  7. They do have that feature. It is designed so the truck can go to maintenance or repair. It isn't designed for regular use, It is only a cotter pin.
  8. Actually, we have four stations and bought 4 new engines with the tiller. A fifth station is about to start construction. The tower was purchased after it was "turned in" (repo) by another department in the Northeast. It is an 09 that we got in 2015. It is an awesome truck and we get a GREAT price. The biggest issue for us is currently we only have the engines and the tiller staffed so the tiller is our ladder and rescue company. The apartment complexes, new shopping center/commercial and amount of traffic accidents in our area. really drove the purchase. We cover about 9 miles of Interstate 95 each direction and about 7 of Interstate 16. Our future plan includes staffing station 5 (2018), then staffing a second ladder in 2019 hopefully (2009 Tower). Until then the tower will be our reserve.
  9. What is the reason for the change to a rescue engine? We are considering a similar project when our rescue is due for replacement. I was looking for some of their reasoning. Our biggest issue is will it have enough space.
  10. The drawing and the Picture are Enforcer chassis not the Dash.
  11. Sorry to see it go from NOLO. Although, I didn't care for the editing in the final episodes with the narratives about how wonderful it is and how great their friendships were. They also basically dropped the Fire Dept and most of the Police out of filming. I know the City had ALOT to do with it since they are also dropping First 48 from the city.
  12. Not sure what to make of this. They now have 3 aerial lines plus the snorkel product now, something will have to give. What about Smeals' partnership with Ferrara? Maybe Ferrara is next to come into the fold or will they buy some one of the aerial designs (I highly doubt it).
  13. I went basically to see how it was going to be. I would agree with the above statement. Very small exhibit floor and the classes didn't have much attendance. I will give them another chance but they need some big improvements and buy in from the vendors. I personally would rather it go back to Baltimore/DC area. It is about 100 miles further for me but a much better drive or a 1/3 of the air fare. Plus the hotels were cheaper in Baltimore.
  14. They aren't ordering from E-One yet. It is just out for bid. However, it will probably be E-One or Pierce that gets the bid from what I have heard.