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  1. Montrose approved the purchase of a 2018 Polaris Ranger 4X4 UTV equipped with a 70 gallon Kimtek skid unit. Delivery expected in the coming months.
  2. Well, I'm currently one of the officers with Montrose. As I had previously stated, every position with the exception of 2nd assistant chief is correct on the website. Any questions feel free to pm me.
  3. That's correct. The 2nd Assistant Chief position is currently vacant. All of the other officer positions on the department's webpage are up to date.
  4. No, Rescue 51 is not due for replacement yet.
  5. The new rig just arrived at MFD this evening.
  6. Montrose FD will be replacing their current Utility 68 (1999 Dodge Ram 1500) with a 2016 Ford F-550/Marion body. Delivery expected sometime in the fall.
  7. From what I heard so far, Verplanck is looking to purchase a new tower ladder in the near future. Apparently, the articulating platform they currently have, did not suit their district as well as they had hoped.
  8. Verplanck is replacing their current Utility 29 (1983 Chevy). They're not getting a new rescue.
  9. It's probably like that so water in the bays run directly to a drain. Now, back to the original topic lol.
  10. RIP Kevin. Thoughts and prayers with Peekskill FD and the Bristol family.
  11. Montrose FD: Engine 123 - 1987 Pemfab/Ward 79, currently serves as a spare engine. E-123 was replaced by Engine 122 back in February of 2008.
  12. A 3rd bomb reported had gone off at the JFK Library. UPDATE: NBC now stating that the explosion at the JFK Library was "Fire-related" in a maintenance room.
  13. Horrific news! RIP Firefighters FF Mike Chiapperini and FF Tomasz Kaczowka. A speedy recovery to the others injured at the scene. http://www.13wham.com/news/local/story/Webster-firefighters-shot/Aov0V53ztUC4bKegOnofrg.cspx
  14. CVAC just receieved the new 88B2 tonight and the rig should be in service within the next few days or so.