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  1. Should be good for highway visibility. Heads up move!
  2. Everyone better shop up for the 2017 end of the world. We're gonna be stuck at home for at least ONE day. Crazy!!! LOL
  3. Correct, and he didn't even have the decency to return her or anyone else's phone calls. Where do they find the blind imbeciles who vote for this guy?!?!
  4. Clean, safe, abundant energy. Why would anyone want Indian point to close??? That is simply moronic. Go to progress.org if you want answers to this question. Cuomo's pockets have once again been lined with money from special interest groups and huge gas companies. Indian point is one of the safest places in America.
  5. Sounds like another insurance company finding any way to not pay out to me. Scum of the earth.
  6. Another moronic New Yorker without a clue. Cars and people don't move as it is. Sounds like a great idea?!?!!!!
  7. While that is true, more people in emergency services are being shot at by skells. I believe the point he was trying to make was that the liberal party has empowered criminals who are now not only taking aim at law enforcement but anyone working in emergency services. Completely inexcusable. These men and women are out on the streets helping the people who really need it and the liberal agenda has turned it into a race war. Donald is attempting to bring light of that.
  8. Pray to God that they have no part of the Washington Administration come 2017.
  9. Can anyone comment on this fire. That video appeared somewhat embarrassing.
  10. I don't believe firefighting in NYC can be compared with many other departments around the area. Companies are doing 15-20+ runs per day and the job is much more physical than a lot of others. It's not the old days of jeans, a coat and helmet and a saw to the roof. The weight of turnout gear and your compliment of tools can and will put a beating on the body. Heart attacks for middle aged firemen seems to be more common as well. It's becoming more and more of a young mans job and for good reasons. Not to mention the real reason for this bullshit change. It is not for the bettermeant of the people we serve, period
  11. When those soldiers who are standing fast are called to service they will be capable of shooting the enemy because they're all fully trained and qualified. When these so called "fully trained exterior firefighters are called to push into a dwelling fire, he or she cannot.
  12. Lets put 200 grand into lights and sirens, parade around town, tell everyone we're firefighters and not be there when they really need us. Anyone who agrees with this guy is a coward and deserves a "Hit it hard from the yard" T-shirt!
  13. Very touching video. That should be played on every type of media.