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  1. I believe it all goes by the list 60 control has. Each department lists which departments in which order they want mutual aid from. NR does border a majority of Eastchester and has been number 1 on there mutual aid list for a long time.
  2. This is my company's old engine!!! I have been looking for her for years!!! Any chance she can be bought and brought home?? As you can see she is my profile pic on here. Would be a life accomplishment to get her back!!
  3. This is my company's old engine!!! I have been looking for her for years!!! Any chance she can be bought and brought home??
  4. I think he was a former member of the Waverly Engine Co 1 Eastchester Volunteer Firefighters.
  5. Station 4 is the home of Engine 30. With that there are two career staff stationed there 24/7. The upstairs is a meeting room where the volunteers as well a various public oginizations hold meetings. The room with the bar etc is the quarters of the Union Corners Engine & Hose Co. Which is the volunteer company quartered in the house. Yes, the volunteers are in a sad state. Would be great to see them rise again. This station is vital to the Chester Heights section of Eastchester in which it is located. New Rochelle road has a very high traffic level which would slow Eng 27 coming from the center of town or Eng 29 coming from Bronxville. this firehouse provides quick response for EMS and all fire emergencies to Chester Heights.
  6. you can also check westchestergov.com. Go to human recourses then to civil service exams then to uniformed exams. The last county town/village/city firefighter test was in March of 2011. Test is given every 4 to 5 years so you can go from there. Municipalities that take off that list are Eastchester, Scarsdale, Hartsdale, Harrison, Rye, Pelham, Larchmont, Port Chester, Fairview, Greenview, Peekskill, and Mohegan Lake. As for volunteer paid as you were talking about I do not know any department in Westchester that does that. Hope this helps!
  7. Eastchester Ladder 15 a 1987 Seagrave.....this was the spare truck until the fiasco with station 5!
  8. I think the entire NYS civil service testing needs to be computerized. The best civil service test I ever took was a computerized one in NYC. You get your "unofficial" score before you leave and can instantly get an idea on where you might be placed on a list. Instead of packing hundreds of people on a Saturday into a local high school it would be better to go to a civil service testing center sit down at a computer and take your test. it would be am ore relaxing and better test experience.
  9. Here a re a few from Eastchester...
  10. A few questions about Peekskill: How strong is the volunteer force in Peekskill? How many members on average do they get to turn out at fires? What is their chain of command? How many career members on each piece of apparatus?
  11. Monday evening the city of Prescott, Ariz. released the names of the 19 Brothers: Anthony Rose, 23; Eric Marsh, 43; Robert Caldwell, 23; Clayton Whitted , 28; Scott Norris, 28; Dustin Deford, 24; Sean Misner, 26; Garret Zuppiger, 27; Travis Carter, 31; Grant McKee, 21; Travis Turbyfill, 27; Jesse Steed, 36; Wade Parker, 22; Joe Thurston, 32; William Warneke, 25; John Percin, 24; Kevin Woyjeck 21; Chris MacKenzie 30; and Andrew Ashcraft 29. Rest Easy Brothers.......
  12. They had it in a museum in NJ some where. I think it was last year they decided to bring her back to the PFD which is the only place she should be. She is a gorgeous antique rig and I think she was only taken out of service in the past 10 years or so.
  13. News 12 reporting that Mt. Vernon station 3 has no air conditioning in three years. That there is a bug and rodent problem, that half of the bay doors do not open and, that after numerous complaints by the members, nothing has been done. How can City Hall let the members literally sweat it out and not have a properly functioning fire station? Anyone have more to the story?
  14. Anyone know how many they could hire from this test?
  15. Its not as a wildlife trooper but they have to do a certain amount of time as a trooper going to the outer villages. I think the wildlife troopers have a nifty job patrolling such a beautiful place