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  1. Seth, Good to see you there and talk with you Unfortunately lightly attended by sellers this year, hopefully this was only due to the holiday.
  2. The career sector already has this coverage
  3. Port Chester 1958 Ward LaFrance Reliance Engine & Hose Co., No. 1 AKA Big Red and the Big Hydrant Photo I believe by Gene Sannuto My own stories to tell.......................................
  4. Port Chester 1935 Seagrave , Reg. # 8089 Reliance Engine & Hose Co., No. 1 Seagrave Factory Photo Purchased in 1936 by the village as a used 1935 demo engine from Seagrave with the deal made at the NYS Chiefs Convention I heard more stories than I can count about this rig, it was apparently the last engine sold by Seagrave with single rear wheels which led to some wild rides
  5. Port Chester 1917 American LaFrance, Reg. #1877 Reliance Engine & Hose Co., No., 1 Photograph taken at a parade in Peekskill by an unknown photographer I was lucky enough as a young member to hear the stories from the then old timers who had served their early years with this engine
  6. Seth, Don't know what you did but it's much better now. Thank you
  7. Seth It seems to be in general, I wish I knew how to post a screenshot but I have no idea
  8. Seth, Is there any way to increase the size of the font? I can barely see it.......... I'm not as young as I used to be.
  9. Congrats Seth, it's been a long hard road. Thanks for sticking with it.
  10. It all depends on how far back you want to go Seth
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6bhv4i8qso An interesting bit of local history, neat to know that cadence calling started right here in Westchester on a route march from Ardsley back to Ft. Slocum. Another local connection in the description is Camp Kilmer named for Joyce Kilmer of Larchmont,69th NY Infantry/ 165th US Infantry, KIA in WWI and a great poet.
  12. Re: Lightweight Stair Construction BFD, thanks for a great link. I've heard that these were in the works but this is my first time seeing them. I think Barry hit the nail on the head, it's time we all started to speak with a loud voice on this issue from all facets of the fire service. With the Edgewater fire so fresh on everyone's mind, and I hate to say it but "never let a tragedy go to waste", including todays Journal News Article; we need to strike while the iron is hot. This is an issue that has been on our radar for a long time, I remember sitting through a talk by a Yonkers Deputy Chief twenty nine years ago, given in Port Chester, about the dangers of lightweight construction and how we now had right there in Port Chester. The issue has only gotten worse since then and has been stated here will eventually produce fatalities both civilian and responder. Reach out to your local representatives and explain the issue, bring supporting documentation and clearly and concisely explain it, that's what needs to be done and done now not later. Also, there was a reason I said responders, not firefighters. Most fires see the police arrive first and make an initial effort to perform either rescue or evacuation. They are just as likely to be harmed by this as we, firefighters, are to be harmed. They should receive at least some type of awareness training in lightweight/truss construction.
  13. LODD Funeral For P.O. Rafael Ramos Date: Saturday December 27, 2014 Time: 1000hrs. Location: Christ Tabernacle Church 64-34 Myrtle Ave. Glendale, NY 11385 Internment: Cypress Hills Cemetery I don't often post here, but please let's all make an extra effort to attend and show support for the entire family of Officer Ramos; both the one at home and the one in blue and when the time comes, for the family of Officer Liu.
  14. 14 was quartered there from 1889 to 1975
  15. You don't remember this? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078697/?ref_=nv_sr_1