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  1. I noticed the lake George convention is going on right now. At a time when volunteer fire departments seem to have an issue with staffing on a good day, does anyone find that having a great deal of the active membership several hours away negatively effect public safety ? What are some of the things your departments do during events like this (or other parades...) to alleviate staffing issues ?
  2. So this guy sued for 10 mil, how much was he ultimately awarded ?
  3. Was the drone 1st due? Or does it go after higher alarms are struck out?
  4. The medic on the fire engine idea was/is something that they've been toying around with for a while. It would probably start off as a pilot program or something. A lot of the logic is that they have a lot of paramedics and emts that came from FDNY Ems and after looking at their last promotion exam recently I'm assuming they anticipate a high number to continue coming over. The logistics of that I can't comment on with much certainty, but from what I was told these medics would not be transporting . Think of a "first response paramedic" . A regular ALS crew would be transporting . (On a side note, why would they pay a FF or in this care FF/medic, to staff an ambulance or do anything with transporting when they can pay a regular paramedic 1/2 the money to do so. Not saying medics don't deserve more , but financially it doesn't make sense). This is like.... at least a 5-10 year plan. They're just throwing around ideas and thinking of ways to utilize the people, a lot of which they trained in THeIR paramedic program, who come over to fire. Also, it would have to be hashed out with the unions (both fire and EMS). The difference or benefit of having an EMT on an engine VS a CFR ? Response times. I may be wrong, I'm not a "legal issues in the fire service " buff, but I'm almost positive they can't "stop the clock" for having a CFR on scene. If an emt on an engine is on scene , the clock stops when THEY go 10-84, not the ambulance , unless of course the bus is on scene first (10-91, one of the greatest things you can see on the computer ever!). It's all about response times, and their ability to say "we were on scene in 3:10". but medically yes, there isn't much more an emt can do than a CFR kind of. Epi albuterol splitting aspirin etc just a few things but not much more.
  5. Hobbiest, exterior FF, city hater, HIHFTY comes to mind
  6. They are the BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST, SIR.....with honors
  7. Westchester (and im pretty sure dutchess co also) has all of those resources, and the manpower. Putnam county barely has enough to cover routine calls, but yes all good ideas, for sure. I'm not sure how man runs the Haz mat team takes in but I'm sure it's less than 10 a year. They'd be better off just spending the money on more paid EMS services to supplement (and inevitably take over) the volunteer ambulances.
  8. Eliminated. Why? Look at that mileage . Lol not a smart resource for 1 department. Would be smarter for a county (or several departments to share) to purchase and have it be special called by a department when needed. In areas with poor water sources it can be a great resource but it is A Very specific piece of specialty equipment.
  9. If your going to seriously compare numbers, most of the American population lives in urban areas and larger towns served by career or combo departments. Also, I would be willing to bet my next 5 pay checks on it that there are significantly more career firefighters than volunteer. Let me explain that one. You cannot say that a volunteer department in a small town that has 200 members in it, has 200 fire fighters. Stop the interior/exterior nonsense. No career department has an "exterior" FF. If you take the number of volunteer interior FFs and compare it to career, I think you'd be surprised. These towns should come out with the real number of people in their department who can pull you out of your house when it's on fire instead of saying they have hundreds of members "serving" their community . I have been an active volunteer FF for a couple of hours now, and a career firefighter for a few minutes. The biggest thing I have noticed is the hate of the volunteer FFs (who work somewhere else like say, FDNY) by Volunteer FFs. That's more of an issue than Union staff VS volunteers. Most likely, sorry but gonna say it, fuled by some level of jealousy . They can be their own worst enemy. Enjoy your day. TYFYS
  10. Hey what's up Brian <3 


  11. Thank god for the Akron multiversal. Allows us to keep a safe distance from the fire. Staying in the yard is the only way to remain cancer free .

    great tool. Should be considered for initial attack on occupied and non occupied buildings. 1 3/4 lines going in to the front door should be a thing of the past. Way too dangerous.