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  1. Good morning guys, I wanted to reach out to everyone and offer a FREE Firefighter Fitness Program to those who are preparing for the upcoming Westchester/CT CPATs that are coming up. The program is designed to prepare the individual for the CPAT test. Since the test is designed to simulate fire ground tasks, it will help all firefighters. Send me an email at floorabovefitness@gmail.com and I can send you the pdf of the program. I'm also available to give fitness and nutrition presentations to your departments. If you have any questions on what exercises to do, how to improve fitness, or how to improve nutrition, email me. Best of luck to those taking the CPAT in the next few weeks. Stay strong stay safe! Tim
  2. Good morning everyone, My name is Tim Collins and I am a career firefighter here in Westchester County. I am also a certified Personal Trainer who specializes in functional fitness for firefighters and other First Responders. As you may know, most firefighting related deaths are due to cardiovascular issues. I am passionate about lowering that number in any manner I can. I would like to offer a free fitness consultation to your department to help your members lower their risk of a cardiac event. The consultation would consist of meeting with you and discussing what fitness equipment you have available, and a tour of your firehouse/police precinct to see what space is available. Next, I would design a workout program based on your department's capabilities and workload demands to help your members improve their abilities and proficiency in regards to physical fitness on the fire ground. Please contact me via cell phone at (914) 329-8406 or email at floorabovefitness@gmail.com. You and your members can also view my Facebook or Instagram pages by searching “Floor Above Fitness” to see daily firefighter fitness workouts. I have reached to quite a few departments already, but I figured this would be the best spot to let people know about the services I provide. I work with ALL First Responders. I have coached people through the CPAT and NYPD JST. I was formerly a police officer in the Bronx for over 3 years. If you or anyone you know is applying to upcoming tests (CPAT/JST/PFT), send my info to them. Though it may seem like I am specifically for firefighters, all 3 services are facing issues of cardiovascular problems, healthy eating, and lack of physical fitness. I have already worked with the Ardsley Fire Department and they have seen great results! I have designed a 10 Week Workout Program specifically for the CPAT and do offer personal training sessions. If you are interested, email me and we can talk. If you guys have any questions on fitness, eating habits, or anything text/call/email. Or if you just want free workouts to do at work, they are posted daily on Facebook and Instagram, just search "Floor Above Fitness". Stay safe everyone and Happy New Year, Tim Colins 914-329-8406 floorabovefitness@gmail.com