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  1. You can run a 4.5 bottle in a 5.5 pack. So even if they do not purchase spare bottles which I doubt they would do they can still operate.
  2. Pound Ridge uses them. Only Department in the 1-3 to use them currently. They have a newer cascade in house and I believe they have to run the compressor a lot when filling bottles.
  3. @letsgo1547 The job went fatal and actually there was and engine and a truck from Eastchester. So do you really want to call into question the amount of resources IC requested? Personally I saw pictures from a good friend of mine and the ones posted above and as darkness set in the fire grew in size and multiple master streams needed to be placed into operation. Fairview's ladder had to be moved from behind Scarsdale's truck on the A side of the building to the other road for better placement on the B side of the building. So instead of sitting here and asking if all the resources were necessary why don't you just say "Hey man, tough job, good work." or just sit there and don't say anything.
  4. I believe 141 will become a rescue pumper and replace R13, and this new piece will take 141s place.