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  1. First off I can honestly say that I would never take that position. But where you said, "challenges to overcome in doing anything new". I believe you shouldn't attempt to do anything new before you fix the problems that you have. It doesn't matter what rig goes out the door, rescue,engine or ladder, if that's not properly staffed with people on it with a certain level of training, what good is that. Thats unacceptable and dangerous. I feel each department should look at themselves and admit there's a problem. Is going paid or even a combo department the answer I don't know. I'm just saying you need to crawl before you walk. Try not to take on more than you can handle.
  2. This is the problem I have, I'm not sure how many departments there on in Putnam county but I can bet that every department has a rig that has RESCUE on the side of it. Now you can put the lastest and greatest tools and equipment on it. The moment that rig leave the firehouse with a crew like the one stated above,to me that's not a RESCUE. When rigs leave understaffed and with unqualified members that's unacceptable, when you're struggling to do the basics,you shouldn't even think about attempting to do more advanced stuff. Each department should worry about themselves first, increase your manpower and level of training first. Stop worrying about cool t-shirts and how many certifications you have on your was. That doesn't mean anything when it's business hours and it's blowing out windows.
  3. I think it's a horrible idea
  4. What is their man power normally,how many rigs do they run
  5. I don't think so. The 2 and 2 with the battalion is normal for highway boxes. They send an engine and truck in each direction. Whatever companies come upon the accident first will handle
  6. In those 9 engine companies,are they all engines because I know Stamford use to run quints as an engine company
  7. What makes you think they did a poor job
  8. I spent 5 years working a busy bls unit in the Bronx. I could easily do 7,8 even 9 jobs in an 8 hours tour. Where the ALS units in my station would do 2 maybe 3 if the were busy. What the fire department should do is get rid of the double EMT double medic unit and staff it,one medic and one EMT. This way every unit goes to everything. You could have a medic unit sitting on your block and it won't respond to your broken leg or cut arm,you will wait the 10 plus mins for bls. Then you have a cardiac arrest, you get an engine company, bls unit,ALS unit and a conditions boss,waste of resources
  9. Way to make the fire service look good chief, in my opinion you don't deserve anything. I hope Putnam's new commissioner does something about his county,what ashame,
  10. First departments in this county were stealing money,now this. Well done Putnam County,well done,what a joke
  11. I agree with the rescue medics 100% but just not the way they are utilized. I believe there are 2 in the area where I work, I run in with one all the time so it's a busy unit. If both of those units are tied up, the next rescue unit is coming from out of borough. I think they should be used just like a rescue unit, major incidents. Send them to every 10-75, you be amazed at how may man undes there are throughout the city. Plus your pin jobs, water incidents and any other major event.
  12. Yeah but what those articles don't say is that the rescue medics are in service like a normal ALS unit responding to normal everyday runs. I've been to situations where rescue medics could have been sent but they weren't and instead you get a normal ALS unit
  13. Is it necessary
  14. Are they serious