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  1. The Company has been using Utility 153 (a past Chiefs Tahoe) equipped with spill mitigation items, traffic control equipment, & the 4-gas meter. Additional equipment was placed on other apparatus and in the spill response trailer readily available to be towed by said utility. In response to other posts, Yes Engine 97 is equipped with a compliment of Extrication Equipment along with a PowerHawk Battery Powered Combi-tool on Engine 96. The Final Inspection trip for the Rescue is set for the coming week. Exact date for delivery is still unknown.
  2. Still in the process of being finished up......probably more info in the next 2-3 weeks
  3. Includes Paint, Body Reconfiguration/Alterations, new mechanical components, additional equipment (bigger ticket items), electrical system and components
  4. It looks like the only a****** here is possibly yourself. I agree with the majority of the posts here and it is a proven fact that the vast majority of the Volunteer Fire Service elections are pretty much popularity contests and thats garbage. A member can have every class and certification in the book but the bottom line is some people have no business being an officer or chief period. It shouldnt even be a question agencies should and obviously need to have requirments for positions and need to stick to them and just dont "bend them" or make exceptions. Turn-over in the ranks in agencies because "thats just how it is" is Bull****, If they work and are willing to stay put and continue to have the drive to do the job the right way...leave them and groom others to do the right thing, not blow it on a "Filler". The respect of your members toward a potential canidate for the drive of doing whats right for the common good of your district/department/company, citizens, and safety of the membership is paramount. I'd go out on a limb and have to say that maybe it just wasnt your turn and it might be time to start making more training videos.
  5. Rescuestuff Inc. 962 Washington St. Peekskill NY (914)-293-7239 www.rescuestuff.net (Across from the Armory on the lower end of Washington by Welcher)
  6. It's a 1954 or 1955 that had a very similar sister that was operated by Holla Hose (Engine 100) a 1956 Vintage...believe it was sold to a private buyer in Germany after its replacement by a 1977 or 78 Maxim...made an appearance once or twice after being shipped but this is the 1st pics in awhile from what I understand
  7. Many a good times back in the day from Pville to Baltimore with Lenny...a straight up good guy with such potential and drive for life...Condolences to Pleasantville Fire and his Colleagues at FDNY EMS Sta.7
  8. Hastings put into service Rescue 100 believe its an early 1990's Grumman
  9. Condolences, Prayers, & Support to the FDVA, the C Crew, Put Lake, & Montrose....The Happy Cheerful Voice on MA28 will be missed
  10. Cortlandt Engine Co. (Montrose Fire Dist) Albany Post Rd. Across from Current HQ
  11. Congrats to the Brothers & Sisters of Millwood on a long overdue Bond Passing for there New Headquarters....
  13. Millwood approx 280 (most calls in dept history) Ossining approx 525
  14. Delivery within the next 2-3 weeks hopefully inservice unk....yes they flash
  15. More to Follow