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  1. Great news
  2. Seth, first thank you for the kind comments. Motivation is something you have to find within. I have found what keeps me motivated is the life I am living now as opposed to only a few months ago as well as a huge reduction in the medications I was taking especially insulin which I am off. I can say with all honestly if you don't address your health now you will have to address it later. There is an old saying" people who don't find the time now to be healthy will have to find the time later to be sick".
  3. Recently losing 110 lbs and developing healthy habits, I have become passionate for health and fitness as well as an advocate for firefighter, ems, and law enforcement health and wellness. As a health coach and in the process of obtaining my personal trainer certificate, I would like to share fitness ideas with others. What are members doing to obtain optimal health? Cardio? Weight training? Both? How much time do you dedicate to working out? What about diet? What are you eating? Do your departments have exercise facilities or gym memberships? Do we overlook our own health and wellbeing as we care for others?
  4. "Until you walk in the shoes of the incident commander you really don't have a clue about the initial size up and consultations that were occurring during the incident in question. " Bingo!!!
  5. He was an inspiration. May he rest in peace
  6. Thanks everyone
  7. Is there still a critical incident stress debriefing team in Westchester?
  8. I am trying to locate the present Westchester County towns and villages police eligibility list for the exam that was given in 2012. Thank you in advance
  9. Never forget
  10. Congress is nothing more then a greedy crime family
  11. Given the circumstances they get a by. Sounds like he was calling for a line and it wasn't coming fast enough. I think we all have been in situations where the last thing we are worried about is our language. What is important is they got the job done and went home to their families
  12. Knowing people personally in similair situations this is both sad and also a burden on the FD who I am sure responds with the greatest of professionalism regardless of how many times they are called but this doesn't seem to be emergency requests rather routine calls and now with this being made public how many more people are going to call for lift assists because they know when they come the FD will come.