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  1. Port Authority PD lost 37 members the NYPD lost 23.
  2. The Special patch is the same as the PD patch except with out the white POLICE in the middle PD patch Special patch
  3. Makes sense, saw them on the henry Hudson over the weekend
  4. even more http://nypost.com/2016/12/21/cuomo-pledges-150-additional-state-troopers-to-patrol-city/
  5. Here we go http://nypost.com/2016/12/20/de-blasio-fires-back-at-cuomo-over-state-trooper-expansion-plan/
  6. Highway 5 should be able to enforce this on their own shouldn't they
  7. @trauma74 Thanks for the response. I know they wear a breast patch but I was wondering about the shoulder patch.
  8. Hello all, saw this picture on the Empress Facebook page and it looks like Yonkers has some new stickers on there METU. One thing that struck me was the logo for Empress Special Ops, does anyone know if this is an actual patch or if Empress Special Ops has a patch to begin with. Thanks...
  9. I know rescue 88 has their own patch, does anyone know if any other WPFD apparatus/ houses have their own patch.
  10. Wems will operate 37 M1 & M2 0700-1900 37 M1 1901-0659 The shift change will be out of MPPD HQ
  11. I believe shift change when transcare was 37 M1 & 37 m2 was either out of mount pleasant town hall or Valhalla VAC HQ, I am not sure which one.