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  1. FIREAPPARATUS.NET is the "genaric" title. try greenefireapparatus.net , or ccnyfireapparatus.net , or schohariefireapparatus.net
  2. Pine Bush Fire Department - NEW 2014/2015 Rosenbauer Commander 4000 Engine 228 1500/1000/0/Rescue. Replaces their 1995 Boise/Mobile Engine. This is a real beauty! Gold leafing is fantastic......
  3. New Hampton FD, Orange County new Spartan Glad/Rosenbauer-Metz will be put in service this week. Purchased from Garrison Fire in Palenville, the 2010/2013 Demo , Rosenbauer pn=MN3096, has a 1500 Hale pump / 180/25A/ 105' rear mounted ladder.
  4. Churchtown Fire Company, Columbia County NY upgraded 2 pieces in their fleet. Engine 901, 2014 Spartan Metro Star/Toyne 1500/1500/25 and Engine-Tanker 902, a 2014 IH 7600/Toyne, 1000/3000/0. They replaced a 1996 IH 4900/KME Engine (901) and a 1996 IH 4900/KME Eng.-Tanker (902). Both units purchased from Shakerly Fire Truck Sales, Round Lake NY.
  5. Took this this past weekend at Broome/Livingstonville. Soon will put in service, replacing their 1980 IH/Saulsbury Engine 1121. Lettering is scheduled to be done soon. I'll post it when finished. Joe.
  6. Any place I can go , to see a list of winners? was at the parade and got some nice pix. Thanks.
  7. Back in the 60's, we had a large commercial building totally engulfed. While being interviewed by a local tv station, and on the air, the chief was questioned about the magnitude of the fire and all the M/A needed. The interviewer quipped: this was a conflagration... chief responded, I believe they were on stand by at station 1 !!!!
  8. A few years ago while fighting a barn fire upstate, a source engine was drafting from a farm pond, feeding scene engines. A call from the IC to supply: how much water do you have? Response: a whole pond full!!
  9. Interesting. What about possibly Fire Dept. "profiles".... Apparatus /buildings photos and a short overview? Just a suggestion...... joe.
  10. Thanks Jet for the info. I'll keep an eye out. Here's another unit from the Milan Fire District: 1995/95 Spartan/AF runs as Rescue 48-52, no pump. Ex-New Windsor FD.
  11. Just another quickie: Milan Fire District, Dutchess Co. Eng. 48-11 (aka 48-1). 1990 Mack R 688FI/ E-One, 1250/1250/0. s/n=7893. Runs out of Station 1.
  12. Marlborough Fire District: Engine 38-20 -- 2010 Ferrara FFE Inferno j/n=H4388, 1500(Hale)/1000/30A