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  1. Guy at work got results today, so I guess they are emailing people.
  2. I think it is because it is a different bargaining unit. I would imagine the contacts are 2 different to make a merger as easy as say: Metro North PD, LIRR PD and Staten Island Railway PD of years ago.
  3. I think it is the "LIVE" that is new here.
  4. Is there an acceptable level, if a breath or two of it is lethal then I would tend to think "no" and we should focus more on respiratory protection. Perhaps a breath and not treating it is lethal? I do recall from FFI some toxin that if a breath was taken in it was lethal in a matter of seconds, is this the same toxin?
  5. Oh Clairol, about 800,000 Square Feet of fun. Worked there for about 6 years, Days, eves, and mids. In addition to NBC Studios they have Chelsea Piers and a charter school on the property. Keep meaning to go back, apparently it is very different, but conducive to what they are doing.
  6. Also, interesting to note, the state has changed the course several times. Not that the material has changed, just that the name of the course and a few points of minutia. Our members who are exterior attend classes/drills in traffic control, hazmat operations, crime/accident scene preservation, CPR/AED, bloodborne pathongens among others. Interior members attend a minimum of FF1.
  7. Wow ... Between Cos Cob and Glenville Fire Police we had 2 inside smoke conditions, 3 car accidents, a car fire and about 8 other calls so far today. None of these calls were deserving of an incident alert here, but had we been needed we could have provided several vehicles with well trained personnel and we did on a few of these runs. While it appears some of our duties differ from NY fire police, our reception by the emergency services community seems much warmer here than I would have thought they are in New York. We have NY state as our neighbors on 3 sides. We take an annual physical (same as interior for our salvage crew), attend a wide variety of drills and classroom lectures. The average age of our 26 service members is about 25 by my rough count. As for police layoffs, I am the child of a retired police officer so I would not be in favor of police layoffs. In addition, we work with the police union on several charitable projects. We are in fact called upon by departments to give presentations regarding our operations. Sorry for the rant by this was quite disturbing for both me and some of our guys.
  8. Grumpyff ... I hear you loud and clear. I went with a group of armed feds escorting an internation law enforecement official. We left when it was suggested we hide firearms in our vehicles. We complained to management. Apparently they werent as happy to see our kind 10years later.
  9. Wow, lots of questions to be researched. Going back about 20 years into history, there have been several designations for the various pieces housed at Central. Engines 1,8 (formerly 22 in Cos Cob),11,12, and now 31 come to mind. Ladders 1 and 10 (Seagrave that moved to Cos Cob while ALF was inservice as Ladder 5 in Sound Beach) as well as Platform 1 and Tower 1. Hazmat 1, Squad 1, Patrol 1, and various staff and fire marshal vehicles along with Car 5, now Car 3 for the shift LT now Deputy Chief. So now in addition to completely confusing everyone, I have managed to steer this thread way off course. Back on target: the guys have either started the academy or will do so soon! Best of luck and we will see you in a few months on the floor!
  10. Hub, I caught another update: Round Hill Patrol-6 (1964 Dodge Powerwagon?) ... went out of service when the new Squad-6 joined the fleet. I think the old Engine 62 (Engine 63) is still around as well. I think the Rescue 3 refered to above is the Prime Mover for the Decon trailer, hazmat, etc.
  11. Before any other updates just wanted to say I have known Jeff since ... a long time, like middle school. Great guy, took his FFI and FFII with my brother Brian at Fairfield Regional. Just a few updates that I noticed: Central is still combo, Amogerone does run Squad-1 (fresh air truck) and it has been between Central and Byram fire stations over the last few years. Vol. Hose and Chem. is also still active, but they don't have there own truck, most of the time they ride out with Cos Cob rigs. Greenwich Fire Police is the inactive company. Most of their calls are split between Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol and Glenville Fire Police. They had a truck, Patrol-1, but it was sold when their last members went inactive. As for Cos Cob: I noticed Marine 2, probably referencing the Fire Company's Boat, but we also have a boat but for use in much smaller bodies of water. Having said that, I am looking for the pictures of the Patrol's boat out at Island beach! The new Tanker should be in service soon too. Perhaps HubEng21 has those details.
  12. Agreed, explorer programs are great! Get as much training in as possible so that when the big birthday comes they are knowledgeable about many of the topics that are brought up in FF I and other courses. Our explorer program was started about a year and a half ago and has already "graduated" 2 new members.
  13. From what I heard there was no Fd/pd pissing match ... news last night reported oem was first on scene! From the news footage I saw things went about a smoothly as can be in a situation like that.
  14. Is that esu ladder possibly a doctored up picture of an fdmv rig?
  15. Being as they were covering the village and the town shouldn't people from both be encouraged to participate?