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  1. Thats awsome too I still love that Mack and Eagle one does this Artist have a website? His work is incredible. I would love to see him do like an old horse drawn steamer on a new rig
  2. That is some excellent talent right there wow.....
  3. Is that Enforcer on a PUC chassis??
  4. In my recent past I was injuried in a working fire brought to the hospital via an ambulance workmen comp denied paying all the bills which to this day I'm still fighting over and being brought to collections over. I will loose my s*** if workmencomp sees these types of videos and pays a claim after watching this type of foolmanship. Any career guy on here will tell you what a pain in the ass comp claims are. How do manufactures even warranty a paint job after these wet downs. Our new rigs come with specific instructions on how to clean and care for the new paint job. Tower ladder streams weren't covered I assure you.
  5. 45 as I'm told will be done shortly I was not given a specific timeframe but she's coming don't worry. before this starts up again it is not former FDNY 157 Truck it was FDNY 138 Truck I had The vin run several years ago by John Calderone himself I even have the paperwork from him!. some of us are big fans of that old girl and now there is a big sister in town to play with too.
  6. Wow That was painful to watch. blaring air horns and Mechnical sirens with crowds of people standing around. It's one thing to tap the siren a quick hit of the air horn. spraying water into utility lines, children and in one case a baby in the arms of a woman in Foam, standing in moving apparatus, Remember your actions when your on the stand with your right hand up swearing to tell the whole truth to the judge and Lawyers. Everything is on video these days. Tradition or not Departments cannot conduct themselfs in this manner in 2015 for a multitude of reasons. Please tone down the wet downs please. Couple of wedges, some refreshments, invite a member of the church to bless the rig?. Show off your equiptment to the taxpayers show them you can eat off the apparatus floor and prove that you can handle any Emergency that may arise in the coming moments. Get ready to use the new truck in the event of a fire in the next 10 minutes. Please honor your department not tarnish it. With an open mind watch the videos and then ask yourself Is this ethical and professional conduct to the mayor, the taxpayer and the highest of tradion in the fire service.
  7. Good for the brothers of Yonkers the city is taking care of their men unlike my city.
  8. Why didn't Rescue 1 and 5 Engine go to this??. What group was working
  9. I used to do service work in that firehouse I highly doubt the city is gonna rehab that building it was pretty rough then and that's going back 15 years ago.
  10. Rest in peace young brother only 25 years young. I'm sure the brothers and sisters of the NYPD will see to it that your coward thug killer has a miserable lifetime in prison. Maybe the Mayor of New York will do something about all the cop shootings in recent months. Let's see if there is gonna be a Riot tonight prob not if I was a betting man.
  11. I told you guys that show stinks the good news is Harrisburg PA is in May 15-17???? That's a show you don't wanna miss. In June the show in Springfield Mass is pretty good. Mardi Gras after is the real reason to go bring lots of singles and wear track pants.
  12. Another important tool that needs to go in the bag is a 20degree elbow it's not always needed but sometimes it is, without it you will suffer from a kink in which this is a low pressure system to begin with, kinks are no good (one 90 degree kink can cost you 16-20 GPM) Guys have talked about hose a little bit when looking at hose specs. Take in account the couplings pull out force they are different from one to the next. This is important for two reasons all the times you hose test which I believe is too much pressure to begin with NFPA should take it down a notch?. but also you don't want couplings pulling apart in the middle of a hose stretch up the side of a building or a hose stretch in a well.