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  1. They did the same thing with the CT division. They're overall consolidating most of the company - closing a call center in CT too
  2. I don't think anyone is complaining about "helping people"... I think they are saying are we the right ones to be helping... If you fall and can't get up in your home/private residence... I have 0 quarams. If you fall and can't get up at an assisted living facility and the staff who are well trained refuse to help... THAT is where I have the issue.
  3. Aren't there laws around charging for an RMA though...? At minimum, insurance won't pay it because "it's not a medical necessity" (hence the reason for the RMA) I agree if you start charging it'll drive change... but hands are tied a lot of times in doing that
  4. you've totally missed the intent of my statement.
  5. I think I agree to disagree with this... Do you see a respiratory therapist treating a patient at 2 in the morning because their mother on the other side of the country thought they "didnt sound right" on the phone so called 911? Did you see an EKG tech being called to run an EKG because the local one that was sitting next the patient couldn't do it because of "insurance reasons" so they had to call someone else who was just as qualified as themselves?
  6. As has been discussed in numerous areas of this thread - we're all getting called for things that are not "emergencies". If you live in an assisted living facility and you need to call 911 because you fell and can't get up...? Even down to needing to have a cath replaced... why is that an ambulance call? Why don't these facilities have proper staffing to deal with the needs of their patients. It has nothing to do with "wanting to go on the GOOD calls" (like a pin job) - it has to do with allowing our emergency services personnel to serve those that are in an emergency situation. To the above scenario of the assisted living facilities... i've personally been on those calls where i've been patient side and hear tones drop for a cardiac arrest and it being the Xth call in town where we're out of resources... and we end up having to pull in mutual aid... which takes more time than if we were able to respond.
  7. I had a family member get pulled over in the Catskills... cop had a driver pulled over and another cop was monitoring and watched for cars not pulling to the other lane.... though there were cars in the left lane (2 lane highway) and my family member couldn't pull to the left so slowed down instead but still got pulled over and got a ticket...
  8. Many regional protocols are moving away from requiring backboards except for extreme indicators... research found that the backboard didn't cause as much benefit as previously thought and more often than not, a patient is already moving around and had compromised C-Spine if there were an issue. With that being said, a lot of the protocols still require collars to be used, just not full immobilization.
  9. I think we're discussing a major tax on our system that's CAUSING us to not be able to cover everything in our owns...??
  10. Wow...says unlimited beer!
  11. I've seen this as well. A lot of facilities won't even assist a patient if they fall - it becomes a medical emergency and gets a 911 call (oh, and they'll probably charge you for calling 911 on your behalf...) There really should be some sort of protocols that stop these type of EMS abuses. If a patient has no symptoms, no true MOI and "slipped out of a wheelchair"... why do you need a 911 ambulance to pick them back up and put them back in it? Most staff have plenty qualified medical professionals that can make a judgement call if there's an injury and care for them. But the nursing homes don't want the liability...they'd rather pass it off to EMS to deal with
  12. i'm confused how news articles are saying that the fire is not spreading inside the building... article on NBCNews made it seem like only the fire floor has interior fire...
  13. I'd think there's a little more to it than just "let millwood respond" -- don't forget, this is district lines... so the concept of "let millwood first respond" is also "let millwood auto dual-respond/first respond for us for free" I think the RIGHT strategy would be to look at the fire district lines and understand what makes sense and where the best coverage can be provided - not just keeping existing lines and buildling up to support an imginary line in the ground And it goes both ways - maybe there's areas where YFD is faster than MFD (and there are) The above is a "big picture" statement though and holistically looking at things...but why would we bother to do that
  14. i feel like a lot of this thread is people grandstanding for their own opinions and feelings rather than looking at the facts / looking at what folks on hand had to deal with. Well, on the bright side... at least there's an "active" thread again on this site :-) woohoo.
  15. Agree- watched an episode or two and it seems 'decent' so far. Not overly dramatic, not far fetched, etc. Curious to see how they maintain it / where it goes