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  1. Looks like they had special face pieces made so you can see the actors faces. Maybe know they won't be running into a burning building without there face pieces. LOL!!
  2. WOW! I was just standing on the property last night and I didn't even see the building. I hope they give me my key soon. LOL!!!
  3. In squad we trust I think you should get off the computer and go down to the fd's you want too join. You said you emailed this one and emailed that one. If you can't take some time out of your day to go down and see them in person then your not going to have time too be a member. Find out when their work detail or training nights are and talk too the members about joining. It shows that your willing to give up your time. Hint there's alot more then going too calls to being a firefighter. So your got to give up alot of your time. Sfrd If your really interested in being a firefigher whether paid or volly. You need to change your attitude!! Your profile says your 14-17 years old so i'm going to call you kid because that is what you are. So kid thinking you know more then most people on the job is a bad attitude and going to get you nowhere real quick. In a volly dept. you will be outcasted and not like it there and paid they will eat you up an spit you out. So start over and go in like your some kid looking at being a firefigher and stand there keeping your mouth shut and your ears open. Good luck to both of you! and remember never stop training and never stop learning.
  4. How about the U.S coast guard? Will they do land base operations or just water? I believe they have a base in the city at governors island. There choppers will hoist in any weather. We had hikers down the last two weekends both about a mile and half in on rough terrain. Both were minor injurys but if it was more serious I was thinking about a hoist. I like to think about it before it happens and time is not on your side. I know Chris192 said they can do it but if there not available then option two is? We have a six wheeler polaris which will go just about anywere but even that is limited by terrain. One of the two was a hand carry mile and half. Not fun!! LOL
  5. Very nice good luck!! The boat will get trailered or is it on the truck some were?
  6. Thanks too the Mahopac falls fd for the invite to join in on the drill. They are a top notch dive team and a fun group to work with. Thanks again for the training and dive time. Look forward to the next dive.
  7. Thanks Chris192 for the info. It's another tool to put in the tool box. thanks
  8. The aerial perspective view from onboard cameras or taking up a chief is that something a putnam dept. can call on from WCPD aviation? Also what equipment is needed for the cameras at the command post. Thanks Mike
  9. Great job and keep up the good work. Thanks Truck4 for all you do!!
  10. Oppie It's been great working with you. I'm going to miss you bro. your a funny guy and a great medic. Did you ever find out where the pie came from? Mike
  11. When I looked up the chiefs I thought this was a old website. I guess everyone is recycling
  12. 1000 booster tank