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  1. That was my politician answer......but no sorry I over read your comments........and yes unless you wanna live in moms basement you'll never be able to live there, raise a family and so on.
  2. Someone who works for a city they live in can then use their paycheck and put back into the city at stores restaurants ect
  3. Yup.....................and its not live its about 7-10 days delayed
  4. I wouldn't say absurdly high, id say they have a strong union and good working relationship with the town.
  5. If you really want it, you'll make it work, here's the contract google provided if you still have questions. http://seethroughny.net/contracts/police_fire/VillageofScarsdale_F_2017.pdf
  6. Must go thru CFA recruit class, 24/72 schedule, good pay/benefits, 5-7 stations? 2-4 man engines, couple 3 man couple 2 man engines, 3 man ladder, 3-4 volly stations that run simultaneously if they can muster a crew, no medical calls, no residency requirement.
  7. Unfortunately as a firefighter/paramedic in CT, NHFD has quite a low starting pay, which I've been told by interested prospects is the biggest turn off, many medics whether commercial private or whatever would take a paycut and some can't do that with their life styles, familys bills yada yada yada...................Now after probation is up ect the pay is very good.
  8. Correct, there is only i think 100 or 101" of clearance in the door. Also i think HFD is the only dept left where all its members gear is on the apparatus.
  9. Interesting location for the air brake....is that driver friendly? and is that a new requirement? Having it reach of the officer?
  10. http://www.squadfirephotos.com/Fire-Apparatus/Logos/
  11. How is this even acceptable? outisde of this recent issue....idc if you are career and vollunteer at home, but to vollunteer in a combo dept? do those "double dippers" run mutal aid into other career depts with PCFD? Before this gets out of hand, im career and vollunteer in my boonedock town in no whereville CT, but i dont run mutal aid fires into the neighbooring iaff city, nor does anyone else whos career and vollys with me.
  12. Cause there are no volunteer cops, the town can get away with laying off these guys by having the "volunteer security blanket"
  13. We get new set every 5 years....the old set is your spare until the 10th year then its retired and get a new set and keeps cycling.....Budgeted for is exactly it, we have 75ish members
  14. True, true and also true