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  1. I believe Yonkers did man spare rigs. I heard E300, L78 and B4 in service that night. So their guys actually got OT. So the union should be happy.
  2. Actually New Rochelle responded to the scene with E23 and MSU 3.
  3. They should start by explaining to them why they are so understaffed that they need 4 departments to put out a house fire.
  4. Totally false (except for them putting Batt 3 in service when one of the other Batt goes out of town).
  5. Date: 4/24/16 Time: 1723hrs Location: 127 Devonshire rd District: Station 3 Co. District Channel: 460.4625 Units: Eng 23,21,25,22 Lad 13, TL 11, 2302 Description: Working fire Eng 23 and Lad 13 dispatched for residential alarm. Units on scene requesting 10/75 assignment, can see smoke banking down inside the structure. Eng 21,25,22,TL11,2302 and Empress added to the assignment. Heavy smoke in basement/garage area trying to locate source. Fire located in crawl space off the garage companies calling for the line. Fire k/d checking for extension. unsure of UC time.
  6. Hoseline anyone hoseline.....buhler ... buhler .....buhler...............?
  7. I am selling a N5A Black Leather Helmet, size M, asking $450. I wore it for three weeks but it's just too small. The only modifications I made was to lower the front badge holder and remove top foam so it sits lower. See attached photos. PM me for further details https://flic.kr/p/zBYAFk
  8. I dont know if there where any issues why it was flowing like that. It has nothing to do with the water pressure. All i know you do that in my job and get ready for a s... Storm. Just looks horrible and unprofessional.
  9. Was talking about the water flowing from the second fly and not the tip.
  10. Nothing looks worse than flowing the ladder pipe like that. I hope there was a reason.
  11. And whats with that chair?They fighting fire or delivering sheetrock?