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  1. Does anyone know the cost of this new truck?
  2. Very well said, and I KNOW a lot of people are watching....
  3. Years back Harrison donated the old engine 13, a 1985 mc Mack pumper to a dept. Down in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina destroyed all of the depts rigs. Also they sold for a dollar, old engine 11 a 1988 Mack cf pumper to a dept upstate. Engine 42 what a shame, some poor dept. Could of used this rig and treated it like a brand new rig. Some dept. that can't afford a new million dollar engine. But I guess the people in charge needed the 2800.00 or whatever they sold it for to be destroyed.
  4. That's great, get rid of the professionals buy a new truck.... What's wrong with that taxpayers
  5. I don't have PayPal, can I send check or money order?
  6. Today , one day later after vote was taken and it went down 4 to 3 at last night's board meeting the mayor made a statement to news 12that he looked at the response times of the volunteers and it made him vote yes to bring back the career firefighters because the times were not adequate. Why didn't he make the statement at last night's meeting and it possibly might of changed another trustees mind maybe. Like I have been saying all along from the beginning it's all bull....
  7. Stamford Ct. Fire aerielscope was seen in Harrison Fire Headquarters on Monday afternoon.
  8. Learn the facts, the chiefs had a great deal in what happened. It wasn't the so called board. The chiefs of this dept. Are career firefighter haters.when a village board suggests that they are gonna cut the firefighter jobs, and the fire chiefs do not go out against eliminating the 1st due guaranted engine of their dept. , come on just think about it, It Stinks.... They all had a hand in this travesty.. But the only thing I can say is the career firefighters turned in 4300 signatures to the village to force a referendum , let the citizens decide and the board and the chiefs can shove it where the sun doesn't shine.....
  9. This afternoon ,members of the Port Chester Firefighters Local paid a visit to village hall. Along with the members were signatures of approximately 4000 citizens. This forces the village of PC to have a referendum to bring back the union firefighters. Only 3000 were needed, went beyond and got 4000. Their brothers and sisters from locals across the tristate hit the pavement and helped reach their goal. All I could say is job well done..
  10. This afternoon Port Chester local turned in 4000 signatures from village citizens, with help from their brother and sisters from locals throughout Westchester. This is 1000 over amount needed to force a referendum , so village taxpayers have their say to bring back the professionals.This shows that you can't pull suprises that effect public safety. So the village board can eat their words and the chiefs can have a good cry tonite. Job welll done.....
  11. I do not believe, that the pc chiefs are still in office after the breaking news 12 report about the chiefs comments.Are the village board members that corrupt not to grow a set and do the right thing.You have a individual who is sworn in to protect life and property, and he makes comments to other members to break a residents Windows. Something stinks. It also makes me think that the members of this dept. Don't rise up and demand that they be removed and back the professional firefighters to get their jobs back. Come on guys open your eyes your leaders are giving your dept. a black eye, not only in your village, in Westchester, but across ny and the country.
  12. What manufacturer is Greenville fire going with to replace ladder 4.