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  1. Whats the reason for selling , are they getting a new ladder ? Does anyone know ?
  2. Is Scarsdale getting a new ladder saw theirs for sale online ? https://www.firetruckmall.com/AvailableTruck/09671/2008-Crimson-103'-Aerial?price=0-1200000&year=1950-2017&chassis=Both&brand=All&pumpsize=All&tanksize=All&category=Aerials-Ladder-Trucks-Quints&warranty=All&region=All&mileage=Any Mileage
  3. Welcome to EMTBravo.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  4. Here you go Seth, for all to know it was redesigned around Feburary.
  5. Former Engine 66 now 67 is a permanent switch it is now fully labeled 67 including plates, I believe former Engine 70 went to 71 making former Engines 67 & 71 spares. The lighting package and body design are different on the new engines but as you said everything else is the same.
  6. Also makes for cheaper maintenance since the dpw uses same chassis easier parts to get and less down time depending on problem, as SECTMB said it works.
  7. Lol probably when the DPW starts using custom chassis.
  8. Thats how the graphics look on all the rear roll ups since about 2004-5.
  9. Spy Shot White Plains Fire New Engine 66&70 caught outside city garage.... If not allowed please delete.
  10. Empress was pretty busy in White Plains on their first day in the city, saw the fly car quite a few times and the ambulances going almost all day. Did Empress pick up the contract in White Plains or is it temporary ?
  11. I dont consider myself a expert either
  12. Letsgo1547 is correct with the expection that 68 & 69 are spares the active Engines are 65,66,67,70,71 Ladder 32 & 34 as 34 is staffed certain times of the day and all weekend, Tower Ladder 6 & Rescue 88. They have been managing to get 4 guys in some of the trucks now.
  13. Happy Birthday Seth Enjoy!
  14. White Plains has two Engines in production by Smeal.