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  1. I remember Rob when he used to work at 60 and he used to wear his PUMA sneakers. RIP Rob you will be missed
  2. All Photos Taken By Me Cutty630 Sorry for the quality of the photos, they were taken with a cell phone.
  3. " X4093k" The old car 2031 Suburban was sold to a local bus company a couple of weeks ago. "WHarley3" Yes that is a Bailout window. Before the building construction members constructed a bailout window inside the fire house. Story here http://www.bedfordhillsfd.org/apps/public/news/newsView.cfm?News_ID=176. With the new construction the window was removed and then reinstalled with some modifications to it. We just finished out our yearly recertification with AAA Emergency Supply, but will be using the window for bailout as well as other trainings in the near future.
  4. now what do you do???? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=af7_1332069790
  5. I have been taking pictures of the Bedford Hills project from before it started. Here is the link as of right now it's up to 35 pages. http://www.bedfordhillsfd.org/index.cfm?fs=gallery.gallery&Gallery=building
  6. As the project continues more photos will be added to the photo gallery named "construction project". There is a link on the front page of the website. www.bedfordhillsfd.org
  7. The Bedford Hills Fire Department has recently taken delivery the new Car 2033, a 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe - Special Services Series. The Whelen emergency lighting and Havis-Shields console was furnished by Warnock Automotive Group and installed by Pulsoni Custom Installations in Sleepy Hollow. The reflective striping and gold-leaf was completed by Forest Hills of Long Island. The vehicle is a duplicate to the current Car 2031, a 2007 Chevrolet 2500 Series Suburban and Car 2032, a 2009 Chevrolet 2500 Series Suburban. The Whelen CenCom siren, Kenwood and Motorola mobile radios are housed in a Havis-Shields 30" console. Console accessories include: side mounted armrests, cupholders and a 9" storage compartment containing a vehicle charger for portable radio and a Streamlight Stinger flashlight. A rear custom cabinet was fabricated by Chivvis Enterprises in Long Island. The cabinet provides storage for the command board, SCBA, gear and other related firefighting equipment. A special shelf was constructed to allow for the emergency radio equipment to be mounted on swivels. A special thanks to BHFD's very own Ex-Capt. Ross Burbank and his staff at Burquip in Bedford Hills for fabricating the custom mounting bracket for the Knox-Box Sentralock.
  8. I have the Droid and they have a good free scanner app that works all the time.
  9. Not to out shine or out do anyone's bail out window simulator, but just to show different options or just a different window here is a link to our window. http://www.bedfordhillsfd.org/index.cfm?fs=news.newsView&News_ID=176 I will try and take some new pictures to add to our site so you can see the finished project. In walking around the fd I noticed the perfect location for the window was in our hose drying room on the loft. When we first got the bail out we realized the need for on site training as opposed to going to the training center every time we got a new member or had to requalify members. The window was constructed in March of 2009 and has been used many times by BHFD members. Five members are qualified as trainers in the department and we follow a strict training policy for the bail out. At this point we have all but 5 interior members qualified on bail out, we also requailfy at least once a year ( with training packs) and at the same time we repack the members system and go over the power point presentation. With the window we use a safety line at all times and have two different remote tie off locations. One to the right of the window and one approximately 12 feet back from the window, simulating a tie off location somewhere in the room but not as close to the window. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask we are always looking for input or different ideas. Chief Mcgill BHFD
  10. I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the dispatchers at Westchester County Fire Control (60 Control) for all their hard work and patience throughout the last 48 hours. It's hard enough to juggle a couple of calls at the same time, let alone multiple calls by multiple agencies for a prolonged amount of time. Great job 60 Control Dispatchers you continue to impress the responders with your knowledge and professionalism on the radio at all hours of the day or night. THANK YOU AGAIN Brian McGill Chief Bedford Hills Fire Department
  11. Check out this site. There is video from inside the club. Fire seems to spread very fast across the ceiling before many of the occupants notice. http://en.rian.ru/russia/20091205/157111489.html (go to the one that says panic breaks out)
  12. After a lot of hard work, and countless hours on both the parts of our website committee and the website staff, The Bedford Hills Volunteer Fire Department is pleased to announce the completion of the redesigned website. Most of the changes to the site are minor with the exception of the new look on the front page. There are still some details that are in the process of being completed, but the majority of the site is complete. While visiting the site please navigate through the PHOTOS/VIDEOS section. Many pictures have been added to the different categories as well as a new video has been posted into the video section. In the Public info section stop by and check out the section Building Renovation/ Expansion and see a preliminary drawing of the upcoming project. Once again a special THANK YOU goes out to the Staff at Firehouse Solutions as well as the Fire Department website committee. Please feel free to let us know what you think. http://bedfordhillsfd.org/
  13. 32 today happy birthday to all
  14. Bedford Hills has purchased the RIT bailout system. So far we have 30 systems in house and gemtor harnesses to go with them. Some of the Chiefs researched different systems and found that Rit met the requirements that we were looking for. So once we found the system we priced them out through AAA Emergency in North White Plains and a couple of us attended training for the systems. We became certified instructors and can now teach our own members with or without other instructors. To help us with training, since we have thirty members to teach an idea for a bailout window inside the fire house was brought up. Check out the story and pictures of the bailout window here http://www.bedfordhillsfd.org/index.cfm?fs...amp;News_ID=176 We are also in the process of ordering 30 more systems for our interior members which will bring us up to 60 total.
  15. A couple years ago we decided to paint all the tops of our cylinders GREEN so at a large scale incident we could easily determine which ones were ours.