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  1. Unless there is a resident list. Then if only 1 100 and they hire more then 1....So not 0%
  2. Residents would never go for consolidating schools and having 1big school district. Why? Because the towns with great schools like Edgemont, Rye, Scarsdale who are some of the best in the country wouldn't no longer be just that. And because segregation would be part of it. Kids would then be allowed to go to any school and bussed in. Some locations would have their schools closed. No one is going to go for that. Consolidation of fire and police is more realistic but won't happen. Not as long you get a 70k Chiefs car and free fuel as incentive. New rig every couple years to toy with. Savings would be huge in consolidation just won't happen.
  3. Was this tragedy due to a old rig that had problems flowing water? Or lack of manpower? If it was due to a old rig having mechanical problems of any kind then the argument is strong. But if it's because only 12 firefighters showed up that's a whole other argument. And I would have thought E39 - old Purchase rig would have been scrapped before this one. But so far no one really knows why it was scrapped. And again further argument does Mamaroneck need 4 engines and 2 ladders? $1mill for new rig. Hmmmmmm
  4. I apologize Barry I should have said it possible the IC requested. Obviously you would know better then I. But none the less I think those are 2 outstanding fire departments and it sounds like most of the time they can really handle their own.
  5. I agree with above. Not that I'm on fire service but I listen and read to what's going on around the county. I don't remember many instances where YO was in New Ro. Usually New Ro goes to others on the list. I do t see any abuse here -like MV. IC saw they had multiple structures and called.
  6. Buff guy with his reply cements why emtbravo has basically died a slow death Why do I bother coming here anymore? FF1 said it best this board is here to post opinions and ideas. Don't have to agree. And it would take a lot more then some meeting in Valhalla to change things. "Thank you Mr. so and so and now on to new business". Like any other fraternal meeting I stopped wasting my time with. It would take a small army of FF volunteers and career to go to meetings for years. Writing state legislation and public support. Public who gets facts. People don't bother to Visit or post here because of some buff who knows everything. Probably doesn't want to lose his gig as volley chief and a brand new $70k SUV.
  7. As long as you have these volunteer chiefs, wardens, commissioners running the show no county run dept will ever exist. As I have stated before imagine the tax dollar savings to this county. Yes local tax would go down and county tax which Yes we know is high would go up. But you won't be eating tax dollars on 20heavy rescues. Instead county could have 2. Not counting the cities of yonkers, white plains and New Ro. Ladders- ha with some small towns having 2 ladders that only need 1 that's more savings. 5 pumpers to a small town. It's a joke a complete waste. Oh because it's tradition since 1880 you have 5 companies? Come on.
  8. Thank you MD. I knew there was a minor difference just didn't remember what it was
  9. Peace officer status. Baton, OC, cuffs. No firearms. They stopped carrying firearms and changed uniforms to baby blue collar shirt that says Park Ranger in 2001 I believe. Prior to that you could barely tell the difference between the county specials and and actual Police Officers. Uniforms were pretty much identical. Which can be good and bad. I believe the county patch on the arm was the difference but someone here I'm sure can correct me on this.
  10. Ithe Cuomo vs DeBlasio feud is 1 answer The "new" trucks have been located at some of the TBTA crossings. Most notably RFK bridge Manhattan bound just past the toll. those trucks can be used as blockers if bridge needs to be shut down Manhattan bound if terrorist threat. Also I wonder although I doubt it does it have something to do with Trump now that he is potus and residence in NYC The new cars look sharp and cuomo did it to 1 make it appear like more state troopers but also do remind everyone he is in charge of that agency. White with blue lettering was too close to NYPD scheme. Personally TBTA should not exist and there should be one MTA police agency -MTA. I hear troopers are not happy in NYC with all of this. 150 additional added, Doing enforcement- They have done car stops on FDR too
  11. This was 10 years ago already? Wow time flies
  12. I could be wrong but this is already a series it's called "COPS". and plenty of others have been done. People either support or us or they don't. No TV show will change opinions. And even the ones that support cops don't understand and until you work the streets you never will.
  13. You can just ask the county. Call Human Resources. The county list I believe is at 90 but local list vary of course.
  14. Nice job by Rye stepping up and hiring 2. Slowly the 8 will be in better departments with better leadership. How many are now employed in new departments?
  15. these guys will armchair quarterback about anything just to hear themselves talk....if you are offended by language don't listen....if i post this they will be all over it.....thanks for your comment,it says it all....all the best...joe