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  1. Effort and "wanting to" respond doesn't put out fires. The citizen isn't gonna say "Oh well, you had to work so it's ok that my husband died because it was 'impossible for the volly to respond'." The citizens DEMAND a service that responds in a quick and efficient matter EVERY SINGLE TIME. Anything less is doing a disservice to the community.
  2. If you reread my post, you might figure out that the people I was calling sneaky, was the city administration, NOT the rank and file members. As stated above, the unions tried to say "it isn't fair that we have to pay city income tax while not residing in the city." and they would be right as a stipulation that you pay income tax based on your home of record. For NYC(Administration) to then just make it a "fee" for working there, THAT is the BS part.
  3. Ah, I wasn't aware of the sneaky(bullshit) way that they got around it. Glad I moved south and got hired outside of the northeast.
  4. I guess you didn't read any of the above comments. There is no provision stating that you must stay in the City after being hired. Many people move out of the city after getting on, especially because of NYC income tax. Too damn expensive to live there.
  5. So.....who is looking for a job?
  6. I believe you can FOIL request most of these. With the exception of the firegrounds, which are local non-repeated channels, you should be able to get most of that stuff.
  7. I think he wasn't there to RMA her, the school just sent her because if something had actually happened, and they didn't send her to someone else, the school will be on the hook.
  8. Wow, if only a real engine room looked like that! A real engine room has catwalks that are just big enough for someone to walk on, not to mention all of the machinery that leaves no open space.
  9. More duplication of services! Gotta love it.
  10. Curious, how many runs do each of these departments do a year?
  11. My apologies, I ASSumed given the nature of the question.
  12. If you can't read the simple damn directions on a written test, why should you be hired? If everyone complains that it's "sooooo easy", why is this even a question? Sounds like you don't know how to follow simple written instructions.
  13. I hope they magically grow gills or something.
  14. Well I stand corrected, and now more informed. Since it can be safely said that if you are sending divers in, 95% of the time it's no longer an emergency but a recovery effort at that point. That being said, response time doesn't need to be within minutes of something happening since it becomes an extended operation with anyone in the water. I don't think that extra 10 minutes of travel time is going to hurt anyone more than they already are.