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  1. if i get down to my parents again ill get some pics of the old armonk fd on maple ave... its a REC center now mostly for seniors i believe
  2. join a hatzolah ambulance corps they run red lights
  3. nice truck but looks like a camel being a race horse. i like the idea of keeping the scba's out of the back and the reasons why but they are still in the back with this design. look a the video again especially at 2:43 seconds into it. you will see that the scba compartment is open to the back of the truck so anything off gases from the packs will still be in the same compartment. i like the idea and the reasons behind it but i don't get the way they did it.
  4. oh no doubt it was a great fast knock down. just good to look at this video, take a moment and think. Some really great ideas and observations. as far as the navy nozzle i know its something new guys don't know or haven't seen but i saw one on the rescue one day and was oh thats cool we have one. i'm a commercial sailor and well we have a ton of them on the ship. and sold brass vary nozzles too... they are a pain when salt gets in them though. and we don't use fresh water in the firemain. but i like the video, shows alot of good things and again a great fast knock down.
  5. we have it on the rescue in my department but why not attack from the outside using a navy low velocity fog nozzle. i believe we have a 6 foot one, just the right height to go around the bus get the knock down and cool down. then you can enter and mop up the hot spots. Just seems like this guy took a risk, especially if the fuel tank let lose, yes it's diesel but it will ignite.
  6. Yeah down county. Empress has or had flycars in Yonkers. Sorry I don’t know much about them. Mt Vernon I’m not sure if it’s a flycar or ambulance. New rochelle is three als ambulance from empress. I don’t know if they got a fourth. Pelham has a flycar I believe Greenburg has flycar or cars for the river towns. Tarrytown ivirington and Dobbs ferry. And they cover elemsford als wise. Elemsford FD has BLs ambulances. White plains I believe is empress they have a 24 als bus and a supervisor flycar medic. I don’t know if the BLs is 24hrs yet I know they have been putting more units on when it was trancare in white plains grasslands is is covered by empress. I know they had a 24 als bus I recently heard they might have put the medic in a flycar and put two ambulances on 24 hrs. Im sure other people on here know down county better then me sorry if I’m wrong with some of it
  7. http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Westchester_County_(NY)/FD_Apparatus_Plate_Assignments#EMS i found the ems plate assignments
  8. http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Westchester_County_(NY)#Westchester_County_Ambulance_Services
  9. so westchester ems has the contracts for 45 medics and 37 medics. the numbers for the fly car medics are for the response area the cars work in. so when transcare went under and wems took over the mt pleasant medics the number didn't change to 45. where as ambulance agencies the first two numbers represent the agency 40 is westchester ems 51 is armonk fd 52 is bedford fd and so on the B1 is BLS ambulance 1 for a said agency so A1 would be an ALS amulance 1 for a said agency here is a list of fire apparatus for the county... there used to be one for ems but i can't find it http://emergencyservices.westchestergov.com/images/stories/pdfs/fire/APP2017.pdf
  10. 45 Medics Medic 1 Armonk, Banksville, Chappaqua, Millwood, Mt Kisco, Bedford, Bedford Hills up to harris rd Medic 2 Katonah, Somers, Bedford Hills North of Harris Rd North Salem West of RTE 22 Medic 3 South Salem, North Salem East of 22, Vista, and Pound Ridge. Katonah is central for them so when its one medic in service that medic reposts to katonah When medic 1 goes out medic 2 goes to mt kisco medic 3 goes central when medic 2 or 3 goes out the other medic either 2 or 3 goes central. 40Bravo1 a bls unit that picks up 911 calls from majority of the nursing homes in the 45 response area as first due. also back fills for when a volunteer crew can not be mustered.
  11. It's doesn't make sense but if it works. Has NYC changed the ALS protocols that a medic can work alone without a medic partner ? If so I think this is good
  12. its being progressive to cover in the times they can't. i know some agencies go with a paid ambulance when they have christmas parties and other function becuase of bad timing in schedules with surrounding agencies and what not. I know somers fire has a been thinking about or putting in a line budget iteam for a paid chief. if the money is there before you need it your in better shape. sucks when you need to scrap it together.
  13. ... last time i checked ny was a home rule state, so the town would have to put out the RFP/RFQ, or the agency that holds primary response in that area.... I believe 60 control is just trying to get an ambulance to someone... be it volunteer or commercial. I also believe they have a very strict set of protocolls to fallow too, i am sure someone from 60 control or someone who once worked there can answer that question better. I know white plains the contract is controled by the police department, every city and town in westchester is different.
  14. Hey what's up Brian <3 


  15. Your right the topic headline should be changed to career not profesional. Both career and volunteer claim to be professionals. That being said, it doesn't matter if a career chief or voluteer chief made the statements. The statement is strait up wrong. You represent not only the fire department but the town too. Which intails more responsibility then actually known. and in todays world even someone at an entry level has to becareful on what they say and where they say it. cell phones are recording everything. If this is true that this statement is over a year old... this department has some big issues and this act by the mayor is going to pull it all out. I hope that they can get infront of this and take control.