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  1. Rest Easy My Friend !
  2. Ed , on behalf of L-74 and E-304 , Congratulations on your retirement and thanks for everything ! G.Smith , Capt. YFD L-74
  3. http://www.ferrarafire.com/CustomerSupport/InProduction/InProduction.html Yonkers in production
  4. Rest Easy Tony !!
  5. It's a combination of things. The spike without a doubt began with the first big explosion a couple of years ago down the city when that was all there was on the news. The average citizen called if their neighbor farted. Then Con Ed changed their protocol, they were not taking anymore chances. If someone calls , they send everybody. Add the road work being done. In preparation they have a guy in the field checking curbs ahead of the blacktop guys. They are finding them as they go. And , then you'll always have the slumlords that replace crappy appliances with ones even worse.
  6. you would be correct
  7. Yonkers up over 19000, up 3000 from last year.
  8. Sometimes they can be stubborn. I recently had a similar incident where it kept up. Dry Chem is the way to go, but if it doesnt hit the source it wont knock it out. Fuel lines that are running through the chassis and are damaged can conceal the fire. as additional gas drops down it will relight. Someone needs to get low and look for that spot and aim the dry chem up into the chassis. Deflecting under works to knock it down but wont get it 100% .
  9. Apparatus Field Inspection (Building Inspection )
  10. There is also a spec going out for a 102' Ferrara Inferno rear mount that will be used to replace Ladder 74 .
  11. http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/745/web
  12. Thanks to "Do it yourself" outlets like Home Depot,Lowes etc. , you should expect a rise in gas as well as CO mishaps. They have dumbed down the plumbing trade so much , any shmoe can try his luck at gas piping. They are now selling gas flex over the counter so long as the customer bullsh*ts about their competency.
  13. He gives new meaning to the term "hood", or should i say "hoodie"
  14. No talk on next class yet. Yonkers just hired 50 which graduated in Dec. on top of 30 that graduated in June. They reached the mid 50s off of the new list to fill the last class.