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  1. Still can not believe these trucks are not finished. Its been about two years for the pumpers and over a year for the aerial.
  2. The ladder was awarded in March. The yonkers pumpers were awarded June of 2013. I have herd that Ferrara and Neville apparatus are difficult to deal with.
  3. Did you know that Isuzu has now hired Spartan to build their trucks in the USA.
  4. Trucks are getting expensive. The price seems about right for a rescue pumper with some equipment. Does it have a light tower? and what about a big block engine that I know adds a lot also?
  5. Been following Spartan closely since we got our engine. Seems they are really taking off in the area. Trucks on Order - Ossining - Spartan Pumper Pleasantville - Spartan Pumper Congers - Spartan Mid-Mount Platform Thiells -Spartan Pumper Larchmont - Spartan Rescue New Rochelle - Spartan Pumper Suffern - Spartan Rescue
  6. Guessing it will be a Seagrave
  7. Good luck. I'm sure you will be just as happy as we are with Spartan....The guys at Hendrickson have been great to work with. Who did the lettering? Please post some finial pictures.
  8. What brand did Greenville want to go with?
  9. I herd Port Jervis wanted a Spartan or did they go with KME?
  10. I herd Spartan ERV was building the new Ladder. The drawing is posted on Hendrickson Fire Equipments website: http://www.hendricksonfire.com/news-article.php?article=15 From what I understand Spartan ERV builds an impressive aerial device.
  11. Awesome truck! Spartan Emergency Response Vehicles (Crimson) builds some really great apparatus, very functional, great quality, fit and finish is top notch. Good luck Maybrook we love ours. I hear Congers just received one as well any pictures anyone?
  12. Firefighter safety should and must be on the top of anyones list. From what I understand Spartan has made this new airbag system a standard on all of their trucks going forward no longer will this be an option. Talking to our Spartan salesmen this seems like a impressive system and the only one that protects against side impacts. Wish this was available when we got our rig. good video below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r20vDwv-Ppw&feature=player_embedded
  13. Barry, I herd NRFD went with a Spartan ERV aerial? Can you confirm? From what I understand Spartan took over the old LTI facility in PA and have all of their old employees now working for Spartan. it appears the product is a LTI with some new innovations built into the design.
  14. Is White Plains really getting a American Lafrance? What were the bids?