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  1. FULL STORY: http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2017/05/19/an-outsider-wins-fans-in-his-first-year-as-philadelphia-fire-commissioner/
  2. http://westchester.news12.com/story/35474038/yonkers-fire-union-officials-probe-manpower-allocation#.WR-Ozz97sUM.facebook
  3. When they bought TL15, it was from a transitioning manufacturer. Now that Spartan is merging with Smeal, I wonder if that will have any effect on the quality in the meantime?
  4. This firefighter was seriously injured with 3rd degree burns after a stairway collapse. WHY? Here's some more photos and video.
  5. I just came across a Facebook page dedicated to "beaching". Scary. https://www.facebook.com/Beaching-The-Front-Lawn-285880336006/
  6. FULL ARTICLE: http://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/mount-vernon/2017/04/19/mount-vernon-ny-news-fire/99505008/
  7. Are they buying a bunch of spare cylinders? Because if they're not, what happens when they deplete their stash? Pick up and go home, leaving the departments with 4.5 packs? Or shuttling bottles between the compressor and scene? Which probably isn't that far. But I guess change needs to happen somewhere at sometime, just hope they are equipped for it.
  8. It says only Hartsdale and Fairview....was Greenville in on it too?
  9. Whose technical rescue jurisdiction was it?
  10. http://www.nytimes.com/1993/03/07/nyregion/after-a-fireman-dies-questions-about-staffing-and-equipment.html?pagewanted=all
  11. This was regarding the fire yesterday at the Sports Page Bar:
  12. Can anything in Stamford NOT involve controversy? http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/local/article/Decorated-Stamford-fire-chief-suspended-for-10907267.php?cmpid=fbsocialflow