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Day Drills

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18 hours ago, fdalumnus said:

Anytime is a good time to train. 


Train in the morning.  Train in the evening.  Train on a job.  Train until your eyes bleed.  Train until you can do it in your sleep!


18 hours ago, MiFF said:

...My department's drills are in the evening with no immediate plans to change that. They'd just rather b**** about the guys that don't make it...


As someone who also works shift work, overtime, and occasionally a second job, I can without a doubt add myself to the number of firefighters that find it hard to train harder and take extra classes.  It annoys me to no end that there are people in the fire industry that don't want to change training schedules.  I would love to see another drill session each month for my department, but we can't because someone thinks that it will affect members' LOSAP.  He's right, but it's something that can be changed!  But, why change when you can cry a river?

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If there's one thing I've learned in 13 years it's that the fire service is it's own worst enemy and constantly shoots itself in the foot.

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I worked the midnight shift for much of my time volunteering. I actually found it made taking some classes easier. Granted there was a big commitment involved, but I am not sure my working 11-7 then going to class at 8 is any better or worse than a guy who works 9-5 and goes to class at 6. I am also lucky enough to have a very good vacation policy at work where I could take a day at a time or even a half day, as opposed to taking two weeks at a time. This allowed me to attend a lot of good training classes. However it was rough doing a night drill then going into work at 11 tired from drill.

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