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  1. They should have initiated a Notification Call to all the Larchmont residence to advise them that they are on Fire Watch for the evening. LOL Very poor judgment by the LFD IMO.
  2. just curious, When Mt Vernon goes mutual aid as they did last night w 1 eng & 1 Lad to Yonkers, how many FF's respond,and do they call in FF's on OT to cover their city?
  3. Ask the customer service representative for an AXE. It come highly discounted. LOL
  4. If you needed to make an attack on an interior fire with only what is in your tank, lets say 500 gallons, I would go with a fog nozzel. I was taught that you can extinguish more fire with less water using a fog nozzel.
  5. I believe the Village of Mamaroneck FD has a fire boat.
  6. The Ward Lafrance (Engine 37)is TMFD, however I do not believe the seagrave is.
  7. At the Walmart in Concord, NC where I live they opened the the doors before 5:00 and let the people stand in lines in various parts of the store where sale items were located. At 5:00 when the sale started people still got a bit crazy but it avoided a stampede. They also had uniformed officers in the store which I'm sure Walmart foot the bill for.
  8. I think it is about time village B hired some additional career staff to better handle their own events and protect their tax payers. A little extra tax dollors is worth guaranteed fire protection . Time for the tax payers to pay up
  9. Add to it Banks and Financial Institutions are failing and it reminds me of what happened in 1929.