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The Tailboard Rider

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Just saw this ad on Facebook for a "Tailboard Rider" T-Shirt. I'm trying to figure out if this description is a joke or a real thing. If it is real, it's scary that attitudes like this still exist.  You know something is dangerous yet do it anyway? Really? It's gotta be a joke.


This was the description:


My dad and grandpa still tell me stories about being able to ride the tailboard to calls. Man, I'm jealous. I know its dangerous..... My dad even had one of his partners on the engine fall off one time. Just reminds me more of the glory days before the "wussification" of the America. I get it its not safe, but when i can get away with it, like when we are doing hydrants, I ride the tail board from one to the next until the LT yells at me for doing it. 


Its the old way.

Its the dangerous way.

But at heart I'm still a Tailboard Rider.




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I gotta say my favorite is this tribute to "salvage and overhaul". http://www.blackhelmetapparel.com/product.php?id=Salvage and Overhaul Firefighter T-shirt&nosto=pagetemplate-nosto-1


I can't believe people buy this stuff, save some time and just flush your money directly into the toilet and cut out the middle man.

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What I think is a t-shirt company who by its very name promotes itself on the very traditions that have mamed and killed firefighters.


Do I like it: NO


Is it going to sell t-shirts: YES (This is America, and Yes you have every right too)


This is why the fire service can not get ahead of itself.


If you are new to the fire service: Learn the history, or guess what, your doomed to repeat it.


It's not cool, there is a reason why we dont ride on the back step anymore.........Change in the fire service is smeared with our brother and sister firefighters blood..


Read the NIOSH reports and you will understand.




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On 7/25/2016 at 5:06 PM, somebuffyguy said:

 save some time and just flush your money directly into the toilet and cut out the middle man.


Slow down there now. I am sure plenty of us can take that cash off your hands without having to fish it out of the toilet. :D


Ya i laugh at those shirts that i am sure they sell thousands of at like the Fire Expo in Long Island. Alot of "I fight what you fear" stuff. As been stated if you need the shirt to say you've been there, you probably haven't. Anyone ever notice it's always the XXXL guys who are wearing them?


Stay Safe out there.

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1 hour ago, FFPCogs said:

First off I loved riding the back step and would do it again anytime. That said, it's a T-shirt,  a simple T-shirt...it means absolutely nothing unless you're a whacker.  People are free to do as they please no matter how ridiculous they'll look or what it may seem to others. Bottom line... if you don't like it...don't buy it. 


 Even those cold winter nights ? Those back tailboards were even covered in ice. Ice all over the place. The tailboard your standing on, the cross bar your holding on to, in addition to a human body wearing firefighting gear covered in ice. After spending a few hours following water, at least to me nothing sounded better than riding back inside of a heated cab of a fire truck. And sometimes that wasn't even the case with an open cab.


  Well, honestly, I know of one guy that won't be buying one or two of those T-shirts. I'd much rather see my money put to good use in such things as the firefighter cancer fund. You could also send your money to that as well, for a somewhat different purpose. In case anybody wants to do that instead it's www.ffcancer.org .

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