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  1. Its a 75' Scope on a Simon-Duplex Chassis and with Saulsbury body. 2/3 companies no longer exist.
  2. Yes, in theory in can run a 4.5 cylinder in 5.5 Air Pak. It wont be approved, and open your department to alot of liability.
  3. Per the Greenburgh U446 guys. Not Certified and not capable of filling 5.5's
  4. Your worried about the cost for Trump and his familiy, Our President, I know where to get the money. Look what it costs to protect the UN with direct and indirect costs............. Table 5. Estimated Costs to New York City Figures reflect annual impacts in millions of 2014 dollars. Direct Expenditures Forgone Tax Revenue Security $8 million Real Property Tax $72 million Education $45 million Personal Income Tax $26 million Mayor's Office for International Affairs $1 million Sales & Use Tax $1 million Direct Expenditures - $54 million Forgone Tax Revenue - $99 million Source: The Economic Impact of the United Nations Community on New York City Lets trim a little from their budget to protect our President.
  5. A little off........ California's actual wall of debt is $443 billion
  6. Rescue 40 - 1994 Pierce Lance Will probably be 25 years old when or if new one comes. NFPA reccomends 20 year replacement,.
  7. One thing has nothing to do with the other......unless your trying to stir things up.
  8. Here is a FE article that references it: http://www.fireengineering.com/articles/print/volume-162/issue-8/features/fire-department-staffing-a-need-not-a-want.html Stay safe
  9. Welcome to National buying Co-ops....... http://www.hgacbuy.org/home/ HGAC Contract Purchase Saves money and time.
  10. Welcome to National buying Co-ops....... http://www.hgacbuy.org/home/ HGAC Contract Purchase Saves money and time.
  11. (Picture countersy of Seagrave Fire Apparatus), Coming soon to Harrison F.D.
  12. White Plains Ladder 34 Ladder 34 - RETIRED 1995 Ford/Smeal 1250/500/75ft. Served from 1995-2013 **NEVER RAN AS A QUINT** Ladder 32 - FORMER 2012 Spartan/Smeal 105ft. - NON - QUINT Served as Ladder 32 from 2012-2016 Now Serving as Ladder 34
  13. And the minute a piece of emergency equipment is delayed to a call............the dopes will sue. Stay safe.
  14. There is OVERSIGHT, the fire district is required by law to do an independant financial audit every year if the budget is over $300K. See below... https://www.osc.state.ny.us/localgov/pubs/arm_fds.pdf People just don't understand the relationship of the fire company, fire district and fire department in NYS.
  15. Typical, running a scare tactic campaign on conjecture and innuendo. Wait till she see's how much work it really is?? I hope she wins....... She won't last. Seen them come and seen them go........ its a full time job, and in this day and age, no wants it the headaches.