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  1. I agree with the unions letter but I kind of think it could have been worded differently. Instead of saying "if the volunteers show up", maybe say "if the volunteers are able to respond." The former just makes it sound like they don't even put in the effort. In this day and age it can at times just be impossible for a volly to respond no matter how bad they want to.
  2. I believe Philadelphia runs two assigned as truck companies. Baltimore used to have one assigned as frontline truck company but it is now a special call piece. I think it's designated truck 51 and is special called as a water tower for large defensive fires. My department in michigan used to have a 1980 spartan/pierce 85 ft. We replaced it in 2010 with a smeal 100 ft tower. I learned you could do some neat things but it had more disadvantages in our environment. I learned it's not the ideal truck for a single truck company department.
  3. Just out of curiosity what did the full timers do on down time. Besides truck checks and station chores of course. Did they run on ems runs as first responders? Did they do building inspections or install smoke detectors? Did they attend and represent the department at community events? How many calls does PCFD run. How many fires? Haven't read much about resident reactions. Has there been outcry from a lot of residents? The pictures and video i've seen show alot of firefighters at the rallies. I understand union solidarity and brotherhood but if the taxpayers don't care or for some reason don't want the fulltimers then no union or rally will ever get them back on the job in that town.