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  1. With the News 12 report of HQ being condemned and vacated as per the City Engineer as of 0800 this morning. Can anyone shed light as to where the companies were relocated?
  2. I recently met the cousin of FF Galasso at my Department's Annual Memorial Service in May, whereas FF Galasso was also a Member of the West Harrison FD. She shared this story with me prior to our Services. I was taken aback by her story and the unfortunate situation surrounding his death. Great post, Thank You
  3. As I complete my second full year as Chief of the West Harrison FD. This program is probably my proudest achievement. To see these men work and the interest they take in my Department and the fire service is second to none. This is the future of this Department, and the future for this community. I wholeheartedly commend my Program Coordinators/ Advisors, for the time and effort you put into this program and Thank my Junior Members for being there... Nice Job, boys!!
  4. To put an end to this before it spirals out of control. specs were submitted to our Town Purchasing for advertisement purposes. The Department is looking to replace Rescue 35 with a "Rescue" type Engine. Rescue 35 - RIP!!! ENGINE 266 will be responding!!!!
  5. MY Department will be hosting a parade on Sunday, September 25th, 2011 to celebrate our 100th Anniversary of service to the residents of Harrison. The parade will begin at 1pm at Locust and Columbus Avenues. Upon completion of the parade past my FD @(95 Lake St) we will sponsor a BBQ in Passadomo Park. All are invited!!!
  6. To those interested, the apparatus was indeed Rescue 35. Which is a 2005 KME Rescue /Engine. My THANKS to all that responded from Nyack and Valley Cottage to contain the fire to the point of origin. Unknown how the fire started,outside of it appeared to originate in the engine compartment. The apparatus was being road tested by a mechanic from Ruscon. Truly won't know all the damage until the Rescue returns to KME. Steve Mancini Chief West Harrison FD
  7. Had my Dept ( West Harrison) utilize Fire 19 for yesterday at the rquest of 60 Control; Never recieved a "busy" signal" during the height of the storm with tremendous call load being generated throughout the County. It truly proved it's viability yesterday. BTW, Excellent job to those staffing the Radio !!
  8. I too agree with biifitz, my Department has recently begun running Automatic Mutual Aid with a neighbor, and for those calls MY department utilizes the assigned TRUNKED channel. I find the TRUNK to be much clearer and obviously alot less "frustrating" than 46.26. I truly will have to seriously consider switching permanately.
  9. TREMENDOUS JOB!!! Anyone know where the refurb took place , and where it's currently being stored ( if not the same )?? Thanks
  11. A little confused, so any help is appreciated. Attending a WEEKDAY - DAYGAME with the family and could board in either Harrison or White Plains. Looking at the attached schedules nothing addresses WEEKDAY games ?? Thanks
  12. West Harrison still utilizes a whistle / horn for all calls 24 hours a day.
  13. Andy, In West Harrison we imply the following requirements, 2nd Lt.- Firefighter 1, Survival, EVOC, App. Pump Op, Intro to Fire Officer 1st Lt. - In addition to the above, Ladder Co. Ops, AVET, Captain - Fire Officer 1, Haz-Mat Awareness Asst. Chief - Fire Behavior and Arson Awareness, Principles for Fire Inv. I hope this helps!
  14. sounds like its Engine 46 / Ladder 27, Right next to the 48 Precinct.
  15. R1, truly AMAZING !! I remember reading Dennis Smith's book for the first time around 1979 and being captivated then by the work that was performed in the early 70's! I can't wait for the BX audio. By any chance would anyone know if there any Video from that period out there. I've seen various places offer "War Year" footage but I can't recall any that early?