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  1. Wow, The Mack is still running Strong? Its been over 10 years since I was in town. Thanks for the Information. Tom Tisano JR.
  2. Alan, The only Change that I can see on your list is Truck 2 is no longer a ladder. It is a Tower Ladder. This is the sutphen Tower that was originally at Truck 1 before the seagrave.
  3. Welcome to EMTBravo.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  4. TikThe reason I ask who you are is that friends of mine though that sfrd18 was my screen name and I was running around giving out miss information about Stamford fire. Yes I did possibly have so some miss information about Truck 5 and the west side firehouse but matt corrected me. So I have friends and family that work in the SFD I would appreciate it if you would check your information before posting anything Thanks Thomas P Tisano
  5. sfrd who are you and how are you connected to the Stamford Fire Dept?
  6. thanks Matt thanks for the update dad said that it did not fit due to hight in the bay
  7. and on the rumor of the new truck company, i have some really good sorces that have told me that E8 and E9 will have new Pumpers and R1 will have a new apparatus before any of the trucks are replaced
  8. seth Tower 1 was moved to the south end due to the Chief at the time wanted to keep the milage down on the apparatus. Truck 1 is the primary Truck company to springdale glenbrooke and some of turn of river. when the older tower 1 now (truck5) was in service that was the reasoning to move the tower to station 2 and the stick to station 1. at this time the current truck 5 can not fit at station 3. it is too tall. per my father who is the assigned driver Tower 1 group 1 the old tower can not fit on the hill, so if truck 3 is out of service Truck 2 goes up to station 3 and truck 5 heads to the south end. Tom
  9. Seth At this time Truck 5 (the old tower 1) is the spare Truck company for the city. It is stationed out of Headquartes with E1 and Tower 1. Tom Tisano JR
  10. here in the CLT area they are still unsure if it will head for coastal or make a left turn and head our way, i have a go bag ready and am manning our station on friday night and sat
  11. mark in one of the Photos did you guys end up using pallets for cribbing at the front of the truck? great job by all, I like that the Medics also were able to help the cow it defently a different kind of PT. great job by all Tom
  12. so Cogs since it a real tower ladder, i have heard rumors that 45 is going to refurb again any truth to that? would that make it the 4th or 5th time that has been done. Tommy
  13. i agree with some or your points Cogs and respect them. you and the boys at belltown are doing what you can and i respect that. I do how ever have one question when and if this new SVFD comes to life will your department go back to having Paid drivers like to old days or stay a truly vollenteer house? the reason i as is because you stated earlier in this thread your department was very proud of being a all vounteer house and still able to get the truck out the door, with out the day time staff i appluade that. i do have one other question if the SVFD does come to life will you be one of the many vollies that apply for the Paid jobs? and what union will you all be apart of? since Connecticut is a collective barganing state i know that 786 probly wont welcome the new paid personal with open arms. just simple questions. Tom
  14. ok lets use our heads here for a minute, cogs 7,8,9 engines might not be in the North End but at you stated there will be automatic Mutial aid to some things. my though is lets put 7 at station 5 move the rescue back to HQ. put 8 at threes since they are on the back side of Station Two for TOR and bring 9 to HQ and name it squad 1. we all know that this new plan might work for now but as the numbers dwindle 7,8 and 9 will be right back were they are now in a few years. now i know that i will get some rought feed back on this from the Vollenteers in the north that i know but, my hope is that when you can do the job anymore just grow up be men and state that you need help and stop being a bunch of winey Bitches that dont want to play nicely in the sand box. cogs i know that you are one of a few people that would stick it out to the end but brother from one volunteer to another, stamford VFD's are a sinking ship and i would get out while i still could and go somewhere else. i now that Beltown has been doing ok for now but it is only am matter of time before someone gets hurt or even Killed and that would be it for the Vollie houses. if i were involved i would be tring to implement a sistem some what like greenwich where every house has a career engine and it is suplmented by the vollies. Everyone be safe Tom Tisano JR EX Springdale junior EX Darien FD LT
  15. ok Joe i will like i said you and everyone did a great job like the engines and the rescue she will serve the town well