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  1. Any dept needing pagers and radios we just up graded to new radios we have a few minitor 5's and kenwood radios that we are willing to donate to a dept in need of these. please no personal donations. we are trying to help out some depts that may not have a large budget. most would probably need new batteries. the radio's and pager are in good condition. if any one is interested pm me and i will get you my e-mail address and we can go from there.
  2. One of the doctors doing fire dept physicals here in the hudson valley has adopted a rule if your b.m.i is over 40 at your yearly physical he will give you 3 months to bring it down. If this is not down after 3 months you lose your interior fire fighter status. you can still be a member, just not an interior fire fighter.
  3. Chelsea has had mandatory drug testing each year at your physical for the past 4 years, also the requirement if you are in an accident with a district vehicle you must be tested for drugs/alcohol. As far as the flu shot in the military we were required to get the shot. most not all were sick the next few days. flu shots should be offered not mandatory.
  4. we took a bunch out of service a few months ago. will check with commisioners at monday night meeting on weather they were traded in or if they still have them. we will probably need a request on your companies letterhead. not sure how to inbox not on here enough. if u can in box be a note with phone number i will get back to you next week after meeting.
  5. No, arson only. sometime we will get a wink that we might want to think before we accept this application, but nothing formal. we have taken a few ove the last few years that probably should not have been allowed in. eventually we find out and handle then...better to find out ahead of time though.
  6. The Fire Co. can only get an arson check. However the fire district as an "employer" can get a more thorough "background" check for thinks other than arson. Our board of commissioners have just instituted this policy. the company will do a background check ( arson, call references etc) after this is completed we submit to the board and they will dig a little further into that persons history. The only problem we have found so far is it takes a little longer to get somebody in the company (3-4 months) instead of 2 months. We feel the trade off is worth the extra time to possibly find problems before the start.
  7. Retire from E/C. Hang around Chelsea just to bust on u Jim
  8. Moose, you have 23 yearsin the fire service, so you have a fair amount of experience. As you have been Capt you also have leadership experience. This happened to me when i first became Chief 1 year each as Lt,Capt, Asst chief w/ 13 years in service. use the knowledge you have gained through classes and experience and don't be afraid to find a senior member to assist you. I had an ex-chief that i kept in my hip pocket for the first 2 years. he assisted me greatly on calls. you can't remenmber everything and having someone experienced to help out is invaluable, Good Luck
  9. When i was stationed in Georgia in the early 80's i joined the local vol fire agency there. they had 3 choices for fire protection. 1) if you volunteered all protection came with your service. 2) you could pay 50.00 per year for fire protection. 3) if you did neither of these you were charged $250.00 for 1st piece of apparatus $100.00 per vehicle after that and $500.00 per mutual aid apparatus. it seemed to work pretty good down there. the local gov'ts supported this and if you didn't pay you took a chance loosing your home or what property was left.
  10. To all questioning F.A.S.T team. between Cheslea,Beacon, and Castle Point we had approx. 40 firefighters on scene. Approx 25 interior. We were using 5-8 members at a time either interior or on roof. That left about 15 members outside for relief and/or F.A.S.T.. there was also 2 engines sitting idle for back up if needed. I felt with the manpower at the scene we did not need a 2nd alarm or formal team on scene. All of my interiors are at least survival trained and most have F.A.S.T. . This was just a fire on second floor and under control in about 20-30 mins. the guys made a quick stop of the fire and kept the fire damage to the front 2 rooms and part of the roof. Any further questions feels free to p.m. me. Bob Van Tassel Chief Chelsea
  11. Chelsea has started allowing members to join as fire police only. They have to complete scene support and fire police classes within the 1st year, We try to keep this to the older members of the community who just want to help out. Younger members are still encouraged to become f/f's .
  13. thanks jim. i try not to get into discussion on this panel with people who have no clue what they are talking about. as i have said, anyone local to Chelsea who want to discuss our response procedures may contact me at any time. rob
  14. still am car 2 in chelsea (5 months left) however back to origian lpost wasn't me was on vacation in catskills with family and truck that week