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  1. Guess PC isn't trying to hide their motives anymore....
  2. Consider how it'll be interpreted when a chief sits on a witness stand, testifies under oath that his first due aerial or rescue could't respond because it was three towns away at parade or wet down. Compare that to the testimony of a chief who's same equipment wasn't available because of the "nobler" reasons. It's a lot better justification to be unavailable because of training or mutual aid rather than squirting water on the neighbors new rescue truck. "We couldn't get there to extricate that family from their head on collision, because we were waiting for the trophies be announced at the convention parade!"
  3. It's sad the levels that some will stoop to just to protect their ego and ensure that their sacred volunteer contingent is protected...all at the cost of the safety of personnel and the citizens he's sworn to protect. Sad really.
  4. LOL, much love to the dinosaurs!!
  5. A driver/chauffeur is a position or assignment on a crew, not a job title..which is what you said about the Career members of TMFD. Not sure if you an axe to grind with them, nor is it any of my business, nor do I care. In most combo departments the career personnel do operate the apparatus, but that's not the limit to their duties. Show up on the scene of a working fire at 11am on Monday at a combo dept, most incidents will have one career FF outside as a MPO, while making a hydrant, monitoring fire conditions, or the laundry list of other jobs that need to be done on the scene. Being done by the MPO, all while he's keeping an eye on his gauges. Yes, I know the MPO is supposed to be glued to the panel, but with insufficient manpower, and the balance of the on shift members working inside, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. The days of "oh the paid guys just drive" have long since passed. But I guess the archaic, dinosaur way of thinking is still around.
  6. Seriously? You're not even close, as Healz stated, there is no such title in any Westchester county FD. The Town of Mamaroneck Professional Firefighters are just like any other firefighting job, they are tested both written and physically, academy trained by PROFESSIONALS, and are titled as a firefighter upon their graduation. The entrance exam isn't classified as a "paid driver" but rather as "firefighter" I urge you to read the job description on the WC gov website and maybe rethink your post/thoughts about this. It's a disrespectful, derogatory term used by people who are more than likely jealous that they never took/could pass the exam, or are threatened by professional firefighters education and knowledge of the career path they chose. With that being said, respect to those who can see further than their nose, and work alongside the career members of combo depts without any drama, jealousy or anger towards them. Disclaimer: I am not in any way shape or form affiliated with or represent the interests or opinions of the Town of Mamaroneck Professional FF's
  7. I know I'm kinda stating the obvious here, but why not go to the top? Make contact with the IAFF 1st district in Brooklyn(or at least I think Brooklyn). I mean this isn't the first time that this has happened, and I'm willing to bet that's probably grounds for having their membership revoked. Or at least I'd like to think it should be...that's just spitting in the face of fellow union brothers. While I don't do it, there are some guys who like to volunteer in their home depts...which if they do, that's their business. But if they do it in another local's shop, then it becomes every dues paying IAFF members business.
  8. Looks like the only thing that bought them time was the roofing material, looks like it was the rubber EPDM. I knew it was durable, but wow!
  9. Too bad everyone who was ACTUALLY discrminated against in all the previous lists that the Vulcans have disputed couldn't all get together, and file a class-action lawsuit against the City of New York and the Vulcan Society..
  10. Congrats Chief Rea! Had him as our FF1 instructor in the academy at Montour Falls, awesome guy!
  11. The problem is that the City of New York already has fire protection in the form of FDNY. These volunteer fire companys are nothing but freelancers...what do we call the guy on the fire scene who doesn't listen to any orders, ignores accountability, and does what he wants(besides ahole), yeah that's right, a FREELANCER. The same applies here, this company is basically buffing jobs off of a scanner(their not dispatched by FDNY), they don't follow FDNY SOPs/SOGs, they may have their own. I'd like to see what the response would be if I bought my own firetruck and started responding undispatched to jobs in Mamaroneck...I'm sure I'd turn a few heads. On the training aspect, FDNY has their academy/training set up the way that they want their personnel trained. I'm going to guarantee that the AVFD doesn't attend the FDNY academy. What happens if one of these volunteer members gets injured in the line of duty? I bet that they would go after the City for it. This opens up a huge liability to NYC with organzations like this freelancing around the city. How about the unprofessionalism that is displayed when these guys show up and a dispute takes place? Don't always take the "Paid guys are just causing trouble" approach. Look at things from the other side a little bit, and try and see that doing the right thing isn't always doing the right thing.
  12. I literally LOL'd at that! Don't get him started on the Medivac lol
  13. You seem to be taking this a little too personal. Let me clarify by saying that no one said the Mofire390 didn't do his part, if thats the truth that you go above and beyond, I applaude your efforts. I also feel for you if you are one of the few in your agency that actually do. Was my statement bold, yes, irrational or inaccurate, I don't think so. For your info as well, just because my current affiliation says "Career" doesn't mean I haven't spent time in the volunteer ranks, I spent several years as a volunteer. My feeling has always been that if we didn't have sufficient manpower to carry out our tasks, hire people to do the job. Like I said, there has to be a point where we put public service before our pride and make something happen.
  14. I've got to be honest here, I see all too often in some of these threads about VACs, the whole "well XYZ VAC covered 85% of their calls in 20xx!" To me, and I'm sure to several of my collegues, that is a joke! These agencies are certified and tasked with providing a service to the public, a very important service, EMS. I'm sorry if this ruffles a few feathers in VAC land, but nothing less than 100% coverage(that is of course with the exception of simultanious calls)is acceptable in my opinion. Who are we kidding here? If the system is broken, fix it! Give up the "smoke in mirrors" show, respond to something other than parades, carnival/event standbys, and "hot jobs." You may have the newest shiniest rigs, freshest uniforms, and plenty of portable radios, but until fulfill what your agency is required to do under its C.O.N., your system is broken. Sorry if I'm harsh, but I think its time to put public service before pride! DISCLAIMER: This isn't referring to Croton EMS, or any other EMS agency at all. Just a blanket statement.
  15. 1. That is all pretty ridiculous 2. Does the guy with the Jeep tow around one of those huge generators Con-Ed uses when a small city loses power for a while to run the 500 Q2B's he has? In my experience, the more lights, the more laws broken. You have got to think you're pretty important to be hauling around all that candlepower! It's probably the same ones that think the agency would crumble if they were ever to leave. Of course this isn't the case with all buffed out mobiles, some may actually use them for traffic details etc. But my question to that is, why should you have to invest all that money in your POV? Shouldn't your agency provide a vehicle for that? Just sayin'