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  1. OSHA 1910.156(c)(1) 1910.156(c)(1)
  2. Actually it is four different departments. City of Rye Fire Department is contracted to cover District 3 of the Harrison Fire district.
  3. To be clear I am far from defending anything, not sure where you got that from.
  4. "THEY'RE ESSENTIIALLY PAID DRIVERS". You are kidding right! Is that some kind of joke? Besides the fact that calling a career firefighter a " paid driver " is insulting what insight do you have in the Rye Fire Department that allows you to make that statement ? Rye's career firefighters are quite often the first firefighters on a scene, what do you think they do when they arrive, sit in the truck and wait for someone else to show up ? In case you are wondering the answer is NO. In 2015 Rye had 12 working fires, in everyone of those fires one of the guys working was on the first line in. In 2015 Rye started the year with 18 interior qualified volunteer firefighters by the end of 2015 that number had dropped to 14. In 2016 Rye's interior firefighter list is starting the year with 13 volunteers on it, those 13 will need to complete some very minimal training in order to remain interior qualified. Only time can tell where we will be at the end of 2016. The average response in 2016 was 5.58 firefighters per call. Now if you want to drill that down a little. There are approximate 88 days in the year when there will be four firefighters working(due to schedule and vacation). Monday thru Friday the career lieutenant works 9 to 5 and responds to all calls. Additionally anytime there is a incident of any real significance there is a automatic recall of career staff. So that 5.58 is not even real but that is the best number there is to answer your question. I am not trying to take anything away from the core group of volunteers we do have, they are a good group of guys that have busy lives outside the firehouse. i am not going to attempt to explain the dynamics of the membership, they are there to provide a service to the community and they do it to the best of there ability. Needless to say when the stuff hits the fan we are severely lacking appropriate manpower. The hope would be that the Mayors group takes that into account and takes whatever action may be needed.
  5. They can canvas as many as they would like to. All the "canvas" is, is a letter asking if you are potentially interested in a job that you may or may not be offered. No for one position only the top 3 scores that replied yes to the canvas letter can be hired (Tie scores change that some. If there are eight 100's that all say yes they could chose from any of the eight). The process for CPAT has begun, they have already had orientation for people taking the CPAT (they may have already had a practice but I am not sure) The actual CPAT test is scheduled for February. CPAT is generally done once or twice a year in Westchester, based around the start of a Fire Academy. And before you ask they are allowed to send five people for ever one person they plan to hire to CPAT.
  6. I am not sure that you are 100% correct. I believe you are able to canvas the entire list in order to establish a eligible candidate list. As example, Four people score 100 and you canvas just those four people, but it turns out two of them are not interested you would need to do another canvas in order to obtain a list with three names. On the other hand if you canvas your entire list you now know in advance who is interested and who is not and you will be able to build your list from that. I do not remember how long you can go before you are required to re canvas the list, but there is a time limit. The problem is that like most everything in Westchester County fire service everyone does it different so knowing what is what can be difficult to down right impossible. If you have not heard anything yet I would not expect to be canvased for a spring academy, the CPAT process has already started.
  7. Dude grow a thicker skin, nothing wrong with your post or SFRD18 providing some more information.
  8. I understand the comments about 1 3/4" vs 2" what I am curious about is what type of hose places are using. batt2 stated single jacket, what are other places using ?
  9. What's with the front tires there are like 50 bolts/nuts ?
  10. Replying from my iPad. I would say the site works the same on my desktop computer and iPad, I have never noticed a difference. Hope this helps.
  11. If all it takes is 2000 posts and 100 pages, why hasn't a Westchester consolidation topic been started. Bet we could hit those numbers fast.
  12. I am curious as to what happens to the local courts and the fines. Does the county take over the courts, and does the town lose the revenue from fines ?
  13. Ang is this the same fire that Ladder 26 was just as frozen as Engine 58 and they drove it back to the firehouse partially raised to thaw out?
  14. Here is a link to New York Times Photos. http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2011/09/06/us/20110906_WILDFIRE.html?emc=eta1 On a side note my sister in law is from Bastrop. They have had big fires in the past according to her but this is the biggest one yet.
  15. Personally I like it the way it is.. I do not look at every IA for say New England but when one pops up with that is out of the ordinary I will check it out( same goes for the other regions). As far as posting links to news articles sometimes a incident is missed, so the link provides the best info available at the time.. Maybe add a additional category for just news links. I look at IA posts the same as all other posts if it does not interest me I don't read it, if you don't care about upstate don't read about upstate.