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  1. There is a posting in today's JN Legal Notices that the ladder has been purchased by Croton Falls
  2. Still serving as 2nd due engine at NY State Fire Academy @ Montour Falls
  3. Weather was very cooperative! Great day of photos but this one was the highlight of the day:
  4. From today's JN Legal Notices: City of Mt. Vernon accepting bids for (2) 2000 gpm pumpers and one ladder through 10/19/10
  5. RIP Scotty Was a great pleasure to know you and to have worked along side you.
  6. Two new pumpers out to bid: Yorktown Heights accepting bids for new engine through 5/18/10 Bedford Hills accepting bids for 2000gpm rescue-pumper through 5/3/10 Both posted in JN over the past few days.
  7. Came upon a listing today for Mt. Kisco's practically new Ladder 43. Just curious why they are looking to sell it after barely 2 years? http://www.adirondackfire.com/2007smeal100ft.htm
  8. Today's Journal News legal notices show that on 10/28/09, the Mt. Vernon City Council approved bonds to be issued for multiple things in the City, including FDMV for the purchase of: 2 command vehicles 2 engines 1 ladder Anyone with more info please advise.
  9. From today's Journal News as well: Village of Ossining has approved a $1.8 million bond for the purchase of new fire apparatus. I have heard through the grapevine that this is for an engine and a 100' tower ladder, but if that has changed please advise. Thanks.
  10. From today's Journal News: Lake Mohegan Fire District accepting bids for a "Rescue style pumper" through 11/23
  11. Here is my photo of the E-One. Love the roto-ray!
  12. From today's JN Legal Notices: Greenville Fire District (Westchester) accepting bids for 2000gpm rescue pumper through 11/16/09
  13. According to today's JN Legal Notices, the Montrose Fire District has approved the purchase of a new engine. At the same time, I have found that they have put Engine 121 up for sale: http://www.firetec.com/detail/PE-9189.html
  14. Today's JN showing that Tarrytown now accepting bids for 2000gpm custom pumper through 10/15/09.
  15. Today's Journal News legal notices advises NWP accepting bids for new engine through 9/24