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  1. Where do you read anything like that?
  2. Total ruse, shell game nonsense. The sh*t sandwich contract says that staffing level "C" is guaranteed. Currently "C" calls for five guys on the backstep of every ladder, but there is nothing preventing the city from going in and changing the definition of "C". Bought hook line and sinker by a few thousand guys. Driver is included, the boss is not.
  3. I really don't see the advantage of the folding bucket? What does it do for? Save a little room? With a rig that size it's kind of just a drop in the bucket. It seems more of just a gimmicky novelty to me. Additionally what protection from heat might it provide the occupants of the bucket if its trying to pass or go above fire? I understand that they shouldn't have to rely on the bucket for protection but situations do arise where it could be necessary and could mean the difference between being safe and being seriously injured.
  5. You're gonna hear far worse in the years to come, one day it's going to be "wow, Major Department Still Cares About Hiring Standards", or "Wow, Major Department Still Goes INSIDE to Fight Fires"
  6. They are also trying to make basement apartments legal again, it's like they forgot why these things were put in place. Then they will be shocked and horrified and blame the FD when fire fatalities go up.
  7. I stopped checking in as regularly because I get tired of ten new dead end thread topics starting every day. Usually just to announce a new TV show or something else that invites no follow up discussion. I still chime in when it's a thoughtful discussion or when there's useful information I'd like to try and share, but in general there's too much clutter. It's good to post job filings for people to see but do they have to all have their own thread? Kind of like all the new apparatus postings got consolidated into one thread, can't that be done? I still enjoy some of the good discussion here, but it's increasingly becoming more and more like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
  8. It's a much needed new fire scene unit for the Marshals. Multiple features that the Fire Marshals of the FDNY need for the examination and collection of evidence at fire scenes, photography, communication capabilities, etc. They currently fulfill this role with an old ambulance body unit that needs to be replaced.
  9. I've seen a lot of guys look a lot more "not right" who were good guys. A lot of places take in people who end up being their biggest problems. Happens all over, the system can't stop every problem from occurring, it's a shame though.
  10. Because you always say who you are speaking to, and they are speaking to 60 control at that moment so they say 60 control.
  11. Sounds like you drank too much Hi-C.
  12. Because one person's opinion, standing alone by itself, with nothing to strengthen or support their argument, is obviously always correct.
  13. No one is surviving long UNDER the water, however in the water with flotation is a very different story. Dive teams are more likely a recovery resource than a rescue resource in reality http://gcaptain.com/cold_water/ The link is to an interesting article about the facts about cold water drowning and immersion in cold water, both with and without flotation. Seems like by the time a dive team is assembled, unless it just happens to be on the shore nearby, if the person has already gone under, they are likely to expire. I feel cold water rescue teams would be a resource that would be more beneficial to duplicate and have many of than dive teams, since they are more than likely doing recovery they are not necessarily needed to assemble and respond as quickly. I agree with you that it's a realistic risk in our area that we will need water rescue resources, and I agree cold water rescue units would be useful, I just don't think the dive teams are as realistic a resource to maintain for what they can actually provide. How many times is a dive team called where in reality the person isn't actually under the water and it's simply a cold water rescue? One quote that stood out from the article that struck me as pertinent to the conversation was this, "I’m going to come right out and tell you something that almost no one in the maritime industry understands. That includes mariners, executives, managers, insurers, dock workers, for certain – fisherman, and even many (most) rescue professionals:It is impossible to die from hypothermia in cold water unless you are wearing flotation, because without flotation – you won’t live long enough to become hypothermic." Give the article a good read, its written by a well heeled former Coast Guard member who knows his stuff, it certainly opened my eyes to a few new things.
  14. This is true in Manhattan, not quite as standard in the outer boroughs though.
  15. Civilian dispatchers, who still work for the municipality, are different than dispatchers from a private company. The thing about private companies is that they are profit driven, they are taking the contract to make money. When those municipalities you mentioned hire civilians they aren't looking to make a profit off of it, they are looking for someone to do the job proficiently. What might suffer with a private for profit company is the level of service you receive.