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  • Agency Retired Fire Lieutenant- City of White Plains
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  1. I recall this fire-as it occurred on my shift. The fire happened in the early Am, and the only occupant in the bus at the time of the incident was the driver. The driver was also the person who called 911, and took the video.
  2. Congratulations on your retirement Doug, you have earned it.
  3. Samantha @ Charlotte FD provides the street address, rigs responding, tactical channel, and a one or two word nature of the call- person shot, trauma, structure fire, fire alarm, etc. The rest of the information is delivered by dispatchers over the radio. If the information is sensitive,it's sent to the rigs computer.
  4. At Charlotte Fire Department, Samantha is only used to dispatch to the stations. Human dispatchers then send out the incident over the radio with all the details from the call-taker. I agree with others, you can't replace human interaction with the 911 caller.
  5. Charlotte Fire Department (NC) has used "Samantha" to dispatch for about a year. It does take a little while to get used to hearing her. They do give her a day off every once in a while to allow the dispatchers to train if the system goes down. She is also turned off during storms, because she has a hard time keeping up when the calls back up. Overall they system works good.
  6. It's refreshing to read a good story in the papers about the fire service with all the bad press we have been getting recently. I worked with Jim on occasion shortly before he retired, and am not surprised by his actions or his modest response. I think these types of stories happen all the time, but sadly the papers don't want to cover it. Another reason may be the off duty/ retired emergency workers often provide lifesaving care, then fade into the crowd with modesty,without accolades. That's the type of people the fire service draws to it- people wanting to provide service to the community, and to help them in their time of need, with no desire to get attention for their actions. Great job Jim. Thanks to LoHud for the good press
  7. Another example of why engineered fire protection in structures can't replace proper staffing levels in the fire service. My link My link
  8. I'm interested in the thread- 2004 Road King- Keep it going!
  9. Good luck with the book Jody. I hope the book ends with a happy ending.
  10. Best of Luck Jody! Keep the fight alive!Get what you deserve.
  11. Congratulations to the former White Plains Police Officers. Sadly, I haven't read of any good news for the White Plains Firefighters who were also laid off.
  12. Congratulations to both firefighters. Hopefully the City will now hire back two laid off firefighters. Commissioner Chong could then welcome the firefighters "back to the family" as he did the police officers.
  13. I happened to be in one of the CFD storage warehouses and came upon this fully restored Seagrave Pumper used for special functions. I was told that this apparatus did its service time here in Charlotte. Another antique to be restored that was in service with the CFD.