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  1. Can't find anything that looks like that on Whelen's website. Got anything more?
  2. What kind of lightbar is that??
  3. Check the laws, they may say “display” a red light. Well, just read the law. It says affixed. So, if you wish to be compliant, you should take them out. The likelihood of getting an ambulance corps to certify your vehicle to what amounts to a fly car is low.
  4. Best place for truck pics is on firepics.net. you have to pay a few bucks for a membership, but it's worth it. There is one guy down in Texas who takes walk around pictures of the trucks he photographs. Sometimes he is able to get open compartment pictures. LA City keeps their packs and gear on the outside, and there were some good pictures on the thread. Up here, South Burlington, Vermont spec'd their rigs to have exterior compartments holding gear and packs. We are mid process for a new Ascendant Ladder, and having just visited the factory for our pre-con, I can tell you to be prepared to spend some coin on custom compartments. If you can think of it, they can build it.
  5. Can you find a copy or a link to that story from providence?
  6. Were they having water problems? I ask because that would seem to be the only reason to not be flowing the deck gun and big line off that pump. Anyone else wonder why they weren't flowing water?
  7. We had one rotation that was a 12 hour day (city and busy) a 24 hour substation (slow usually) and a 12 hour night in the city. It was hell. Good to see shifts and days off being addressed.
  8. That's where I was headed with my comments. Everybody has a Tshirt from FDNY, a comment to add on their new trucks and their videos bookmarked. But no one will emulate their safe practices in terms of fire ground staffing.
  9. According to news12 he has been placed on unpaid leave.
  10. Because it's the Internet...
  11. That makes zero sense. But it's motivated by politics, not common sense. Riddle me this. Why is it that departments think that one engine and one truck is enough manpower for an extra alarm? You're calling for more help. Why not call for ENOUGH help?
  12. I was looking at that ambulance, wondering to myself what was missing. Then it hit me... Lights, it needs MORE lights.
  13. Curious, do they have two sets of gear and will they split like RPS to cover a second call?
  14. The National Fire Protection Association outlines the requirements for a piece of apparatus necessary to function as a quint in NPFA Standard 1901, The Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus. Here is a summary of the quint requirements as detailed in Chapter 9 of the standard: Fire pump with a minimum capacity of 1,000 gallons per minute Water tank with a minimum capacity of 300 gallons Aerial ladder or elevating platform with a permanently installed waterway Hose storage area with a minimum of 30 cubic feet of storage area capable of accommodating 2.5 inch or larger fire hose; two hose storage areas, each with a minimum of 3.5 cubic feet or 1.5 inch or pre-connected hose lines. Enclosed compartments with a minimum of 40 cubic feet for equipment storage Complement of ground ladders containing a minimum of 85 feet of ground ladders, including at least: two extension ladders, one roof ladder and one attic ladder Suction hose of a minimum of 15 feet of soft suction hose or 20 feet of hard suction hose for drafting water. Not sure where the hose and the hard suck are hidden in that Aerialscope... Looks like it has the rest of the needed widgets.