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  1. I saw it at Hudson Valley Fire Equipment.
  2. I saw it at Atlantic Detriot Diesel-Allison Transmission in Lodi NJ a few weeks ago.
  3. The name and logo will stay the same, just a new venue to play in.
  4. Such a great loss to the music world and the Hudson Valley area.
  5. With a full fleet of Crown Vics and F550's the only things in our shop today was Chevy pickups and Internationals. I was never a Ford fan but they are pretty reliable for us.
  6. What units do they run with 4wd? There is a partial answer.
  7. We took delivery of our last crown vics and are spacing them out longer than previously. We have no cars budgeted for next year and will make necessary repairs to keep the fleet going. We have a 7/70 replacement system that we might change to 7/100k since the cars have 70k after only 3 or 4 years. I personally like the Charger most of the 3. I also see that there is a new styled Explorer that might be a future consideration.
  8. [quoThanls for your first hand opinion on this matter. te name=voltage1256' timestamp='1320091234' post='249682] As a Rye Brook resident I'd like to add my opinion. I've had 3 incidents in my home. One was a save by PCFD and RBFD on what could have been a structure fire, and the other 2 were unknown type odors. Each time PCFD and RBFD promptly responded and was at my house within minutes. I can't fully attest to the first one as I wasn't home but my mom tells me you guys did a great job. The other two I was home for and I can personally say that the response of apparatus and man power was there. One was a day time call where we received Ladder 30, Rescue 40, Engine 61, 64, and I believe 59 along with the chiefs. The second one was a night time call past the 7pm transfer where Ladder 31, Engine 59, Engine 63, Engine 64, Rescue 40 showed up again with a chief, again with an above decent amount of manpower. I think it'd be a little drastic to say RBFD, and PD need to be abolished. EMS, well... they are PC-R-RB so there wasn't a real point in saying to get rid of them either. Is it fair to say RBFD is under staffed? Yes. But with the little knowledge I have on the Village of Rye Brook side of politics, I think it's fair to say it's a political issue on how the $ is spent as compared to an emergency services issue. It would be nice to see a properly staffed house on King St. But PC does a great job handling what they were given. Keep it up & Be safe
  9. Looks like that they could get more room by replacing e110 and r44 with a rescue engine.
  10. Engine 8 was 191, turned into 193 in 1994 wihen a new Pierce was purchased. It was then designated as 194 when a Seagrave replaced the Sutphen, the new 193. We replaced the leaky split rims with solid rims and new tires. It is a great pumping rig that just had no use for the city as a second spare.
  11. The leader of the outing was advised ahead of time of the rule. He failed to notify some people on the group so its his fault.
  12. The fact that you want to donate your time is great. The only diffence is that the town is a combo dept and the village isnt. Stop in a house in both and see what their residency or work requirements are. Since you live in a area that no longer has volunteers one of these depts should allow this not to be a problem. Only my opinion. I work with a few guys from the village and will ask them about this when I return to work tomorrow.
  13. I always thought that area was Larchmont.
  14. You can add the new frequency to your existing low band pager and hear everything after the initial dispatch. This might be the reason for it since they respond on fire 15. If you don't have a trunking scanner you are screwed.