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  1. As it reads, the tested position is for a trainee who will then be enrolled in the EMT program. After the EMT program they will be the 'trainee' name will be changed to EMT. The position title technically will 'lead to' becoming an EMT.
  2. Felony convictions do not bar employment, as per the Civil Service announcement for Firefighter in the City of MV. Having no standards allows for a larger pool of applicants, along with a larger number of questionable events they will be involved in.
  3. There are 2 WCPD detectives who are former MVPD who work with the Major Case Squad on serious crimes in MV. The WCPD Street Crime detail also works with the MVPD Street Crime Unit on street level issues and arrests. It's a synergistic relationship that has worked well for MV and for WCPD. The County PD do NOT replace a MVPD officer in any way, they are not on 'patrol' answering calls or replacing an officer on a short roll call.
  4. Holden, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, makes the Holden Commodore, a 'full sized', rear drive car for the Australian market. GM took the Commodore, added a few inches to the wheelbase, changed the grille and a few other details and renamed it 'Chevrolet Caprice', and brought it here to America as a 'Police Vehicle only'. They updated the Commodore for 2014, and will introduce that as a regular Chevy model for the public, called the Chevrolet SS(that's the name, SS). They will continue to also make the Caprice for Police only duty.
  5. The Caprice has too little hip room for even an average sized person, much less anyone over 6 feet. The Explorers are the best of the lot in my opinion.
  6. Good old factpinions... Here's an idea. Some people want to commit suicide but don't want to do physical harm to themselves. Driving the wrong way into high speed traffic is one way to do it 'innocently'. No matter how many signs or 'failsafe' devices you put up, a person determined to die will bypass them. Lets stop blaming the system (which may not actually be broken) and instead fix who is failing to obey the system.
  7. For further information as to what Tier people are assigned into, please visit the NYS Retirement System website. http://www.osc.state.ny.us/retire/members/find_your_tier.php Scroll down to the PFRS Section for the correct information.
  8. There were numerous Uniformed Service people that were hired into Tier 3, though this for for a rather short period of time. The only Tier that a PO or FF hasn't been assigned to is Tier 4.
  9. It was a Governor's Executive Order that was rescinded years ago.
  10. The problem is not the road design or the lack of 'dummy proof' design. The problem is drivers that have no business being behind the wheel of a car. Every day 99.999% of the population somehow navigates turns, intersections and directions of travel correctly. The problem clearly isn't the design. The problem is that people CLEARLY not capable or able to safely drive anymore get behind the wheel and endanger the rest of us. It's time to start making it a little bit harder to both get and to renew drivers licenses.
  11. all 'charities' have to be registered with the NYS Department of State, Bureau of Charities. All charities must also have their tax returns publicly available. Google around, I'm suspecting that neither will be the case here...