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  1. No, it is not a DQ or an automatic failure and no they do not take points off. As long as they answered the required 60 questions for the towns and villages, the only things anyone who did all 105 was waste time and energy on unnecessary questions...and yes...prove that they can not follow simple instructions...
  2. FirNaTine.... Nothing personal, but you, my friend, are our own worst enemy.....
  3. What's with the "Janitor's" comment/label?!?!?
  4. I suggest those that come to you crying because they can't take or answer questions, or accept insight , tips and a little criticism from experienced members of this group be banned or dealt with, instead of banning, editing, deleting posts, or writing "strongly worded letters" to those that have something to offer (like a friend of mine, banned, who is a CAPTAIN in a local department)......I myself have had many posts edited or deleted, which is why I stopped posting here, rather than crying to the moderators about it..... Every department has its vacant lots, faults and deficiencies and can get criticized in one way or another about certain or everyday incidents.....instead of crying and bitching about it, answer the question as honest and straight up as possible without putting a twist on it, accept tips and criticism, learn from it and try to overcome or fix it rather than act like nothing's wrong or that it's someone else's fault for asking or pointing something out......... If that's too harsh, then just tell the 'whiners' not to get involved, instead of catering to them, which seems to be the new American way....cater to those that whine the most...... Oh, and I still haven't seen anyone post "I brought this or that up to Seth because 'so and so' hurt my feelings by saying........." ....you guys wouldn't last a day on the job......
  5. Seth, Redundant as it may be at this point, I have to back up EFDCAPT115.....60 Control most certainly did tone out for Departments to respond to Manhattan that day. I was working on Eastchester's E31 and EFDCAPT115 was the Captain that day.....the only thing I remember hearing on the initial dispatch tones, and I'm going to say they came in around 10-10:15am, were for 'All Career Departments south of 287 are to respond to Manhattan, all other Departments north of 287 are to respond to the Westchester County Fire Training Center to back-fill for the Career Departments'. Any tones after that I might not have heard as we were out gathering supplies and fueling the rigs, or we were already in the Bronx and out of the rigs. That's what I remember specifically hearing, 8 years later...... That's what was most surprising about getting to E63/Batt15 on 233rd and seeing so many Northern Westchester County Dept's there......and I won't even get into the nonsense that went on that day down at that firehouse and out on the street as EFDCAPT115 has already touched on it.........oh, and at the Raceway later on that night....... Who authorized that is beyond me......and I'm not blaming 60-Control for anything, just stating what I remember....
  6. I just wanted to send a HUGE Thank You to the FDNY and all the Westchester Fire Departments that filled our Yonkers firehouses with mutual aid and allowed all of our members to attend the funeral of our fallen brother Pat Joyce...... you have no idea how big a part you played in Pat's send-off......... Thank You.......
  7. 100, 95 or 90 will usually do it......there are no "in between" grades.......it's every 5 points...
  8. This makes me sick.........
  9. The bid is for a new Engine 29 and "Shrek" was bought to replace the 1986 Mack and will then serve as a spare, replacing the 1969 Mack which was refurbished in 1999.......
  10. Question for anyone who knows the answer.... I have a friend from Greenwich, CT who is wondering how to go about applying for a job with the FD..... Is it a County test? City, State? Does anyone have any info for me to pass along?? Thanks Joe
  11. what books did you guys use to study for these promotions????
  12. Do volunteers ever spend any time at their firehouses anymore, instead of responding from home? Just curious....I would think that might save some gas to use the department's rig rather than your own car. To get back on subject, Eastchester Fire District (Combo Dept.) used to give, I believe, a $50 gas card (they had an account at a local gas station) to the Volunteer who responded to the most runs in a month. They haven't done this in quite some time now, over 5 years. The voters of Eastchester also defeated a pension reward program back in the early 90's... Basically, if you choose to volunteer, do it for free........or let your own department cover your rewards. There's no reason the State should sponsor or pay for these rewards. (...and I believe Chief Flynn, when he mentioned "vacations", did not mean not showing up to volunteer for a week, but the lavish get-away's to the Caribbean and such that some L.I. departments have come under fire for......)
  13. What's the daily staffing in Rye? How many Engines and Trucks do they have and how many FF's are on each rig?